Pat McGann Puts The Kids To Bed With Lies

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Stand-up comedian Pat McGann says nothing puts his three little ones to sleep like a tall glass of dishonesty.

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I loved hearing Stephen laughing at the catholic school/science joke. Being the father of a 3 year old I thought his set was hilarious. Those little turds really do love their light switches.

Author — Jeff Howell


He deserved a lot more claps than he received.. that was some good stuff..

Author — ursaltydog


“That’s science. I went to catholic school. No clue.” 🤣

Author — Ana Chavez


I liked him. No vulgar jokes. All relatable if you have a family.

Author — Sophie Laurenti


Wife: *what were you doing in your 20's?*
Pat: *suspeciously* nothing....looking for

Author — Official Oumi


Loved the accent. Loved the suit. Loved how he just threw his three kids under the bus, while it was completely obvious, that he loves the hell out of them. Good show.

Author — deployedkitty


"maybe i should be bringing her to 'how to get dressed'" - funniest line for me

Author — gabzpiano


Seen him live three times at the famous Zanie's in Chicago. He's always great. Good to see him reaching a national audience here! Keep it up, Pat!

Author — Seamus Brennan


Thanks The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.:) "i get it. Some of you don't have kids. Just pay attention i'm from the future.":D

Author — Kerry Venus


Watch for this guy in the future...he's good. Good jokes, good timing, good delivery, just enough authentic bitterness.

Author — Elizabeth Trainer


One of the first comedians on LSSC that I liked!

Author — Raj Dabholkar


Some really good jokes in there. Made me chuckle when he said "I waited a while ... twice!" My only hope is he refines this routine and doesn't make it all about his kids. He clearly has confidence and can keep a room focused. Good work Pat! You're going to go a long way my dude! :)

Author — Zeeshan Muhammad


That was great, and funny! Wholesome and relatable. 👏 I especially like his shimmying of his shoulders. Nicely done. 👍

Author — Madame Chairwoman


Totally about his kids - from start to finish! WOW!!!

Author — baddmanaz


Great set, i like his voice, his delivery and transitions were all smooth

Author — MewcePewpz


I think this is the guy that had to replace Louis CK last minute so they went with someone as safe as possible. I have kids though so I think he's funny.

Author — johnnyonline


Thanks for the laughs. This was great!!

Author — Paula P


Best observational parenting evah!! 5 Stars :D

Author — Nicola Gedye


I've got three small kids myself (although not so close together in age), and I laughed so hard I cried a bit. Definitely showing this one to my husband later!

Author — ErykaSoleil


"I'm going to stay here for a couple of whiles..." well he should put her into comedy school, witty and hilarious xD

Author — saultube44