Warframe - Next Prime Warframes?

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

In this video, I discuss what the next Prime Warframes could be. Tell me what you think!

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i really hope they do a chroma prime and a equinox prime one day :)

Author — HadesFlame 93


Well, the next (upgrade) for a warframe is Excalibur with Umbra. I highly doubt anything other than him is coming first since his coding is already completed and he's pretty much ready to launch right now.

Author — Andrew Colomy-Wright


Trinity really deserves a Prime.
Vauban and Oberon are Primes that I can't wait for their release, especially Oberon.

Author — flackenstien


Better stock up on Rhino prime and boltor prime since they are out the game next.

Author — Emperor Harvey


Dark primes frames supposed to be next that's my thinking after most prime frames r done I think that's next

Author — Mine is 3 and half inches


trinity prime is kinda confirmed...
but i'm looking way too forward oberon prime. even tho it had a buff already and he might be queued again for being primed...

Author — Clickb8r #420


Hes forgetting umbra excalibur prime since we were suppose to get him a month after China.

Author — Freddy Ramirez


underpowered?!?! a healer / Damage frame!?! lol thats funny next you be telling me, Loki is underpowered with invisibility and crowd control

Author — D Burton


Excalibur Prime...Oh Wait It A Founder Exclusive Also It Not For PS4, So Damm It

Author — E Ruiz


Look at the date of the video. I'm obviously not going to know Trinity prime or anything else was leaked.

Author — OzaiWorld


Valkyr cant be a prime she was created my alad v its not possible

Author — wesley Jefferson