Memorize the Piano Notes in Under 2 Minutes (Easy!)

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What’s up my piano friends! Today we’re going to go over how to memorize EVERY note on the piano in LESS THAN TWO MINUTES!!

I know that may sound like a load of croc… but just trust me on this one, I mean after all, you can find out in less than two minutes (I literally got a timer on the screen!)

We’re going to do this using a simple Nemonic Device involving a Doghouse and Grandma’s house (I know, I know, sounds weird but you’ll see what I mean in the video…)

And in less than two minutes you’ll (hopefully!!) be able to pass the quiz at the end, so make sure you’re paying attention!

You can take the quiz and get the cheat sheet here:

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Happy practicing!


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-Zach Evans

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this was the best explanation so far hands down. I literally know them all by watching once. thanks man!

Author — Natt A


i was expecting memorizing them to be way harder, this is the best explanation ive ever seen haha.

Author — hooni


14/14 :o this taught me more than my piano teacher has

Author — hannah perkins


This is so helpful! I literally don’t have a piano(I wanna start playing) I don’t know any about piano notes but I have them all memorized and got a 14/14 on the quiz on the first time taking it and I only watched the video once!

Author — Ratatoui


Much better than I thought it would be. Thanks!

Author — Henry


This actually works!!! Very cleaver. Thank you, Zack.

Author — moonsun lee


Zack, this was Thanks for this lesson. GOD Bless & Have a Fabulous Day! "Gee"

Author — Geralyn Palacol


14/14! This video is over 2 years old and still teaching people! My man, I haven't bought a piano yet, but you just cut my memorization time by several hours. This is a genius way to learn the notes. Thank you!!!!

Author — KingMag42


why am i watching this when im playing piano for 7 years?? i just want to find a vid that'll teach me how to memorize the whole music sheet easily because i really have an awful memorization skill :( if i dont practice a music i've known in 2 mos, i'll forget itttt

Author — Mae Ashley


This is the video that really taught me and made me confident in knowing my key positions. Thank you! My piano teacher had never heard of it so thank you for Showing new easy ways to learn piano.

Author — Sandy Taylor


I got 💯! Glad I found this channel. Been ATTEMPTING keyboard and guitar on and off for years, but I lack discipline. Each time I get back into it I have to relearn. With this vid I was literally able to learn in 2 min!!! This is my 2nd vid, I subscribed after the first without even practicing first bc I like the way he teaches and what he teaches. Happy learning everyone! And thanks 😀

Author — T A


I watched this the first week of learning piano a year ago. Really jumpstarted my trajectory. The best method by far.

Author — graeme stocker


Thank you very much! You answered the question I always want to know, Zach!
I used to hit each key to figure out which one was the C as the start.

Now I cannot see the piano keys in the same way anymore

Author — magnifician 21


Thank you so much! It really really helped me a lot! Earlier I had a hard time memorising the notes, but now I can easily remember it. Thank you so much!

Author — Tenosh Rebello


loved this so much, definitely the easiest method to memorize all the keys.

Author — Amadeus Greenwood


I'm only 10 and I just was bored and wanted to play my keeboard never took any lessons I saw the keepoard I wanted to play I checked other videos it didn't help but urs defenetly did so now I can play the keeboard in the summer vacation in quarantine thank you sm

Author — 💮early


I’m surprised at how quick I memorized it, this is such a good explanation cause I usually have a hard time memorizing stuff, I loved this vid thank u so much ❤️

Author — Yanoli San


Thank you my piano Teacher had a problem with me not knowing this after this video he was like Wow you improved well

Author — Ambrosia Andrews


Thank you so much for this. I have always learned best with mnemonics and thought I would see what others have created for the keys before creating my own. This is perfect!

Author — Strummin' Susan


This is THE super amazing and fun way of explaining notes. Great job, Zach!

Author — Emil Aliyev