XBOX ELITE Series 2 Controller | Honest Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

The XBOX ELITE V2 is definitely the best among it's competition. The compatibility and feature set for this build are literally pushing the envelope for all the other custom controller companies and I can't wait to see what the future hold for The Xbox Series 2.


All gameplay is recorded in 1080p 60fps

Equipment and Programs Used for Video Capture and Creation:
Capture - Elgato HD60S
Microphone - RODE
Microphone for Game Chat - G TRACK PRO
Facecam - Sony A7s
Review Camera - Sony A7iii
Gaming Monitor - TOO MANY
Computer - CUSTOM AF
Headset - Astro A40 with Mixamp TR pro
Controller - BattleBeaverCustoms
Video Editing - Adobe Premier CS6 and After Effects CS6
Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop CS6

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DAMN NOTI GANG! You guys fast AF! On a serious note anybody out there having issues with the thumbsticks after some long term use? Possibly getting loose or having a deadzone in the middle on certain thumbstick tensions? Let us know! Stay Awesome everyone...much more to come!

Author — AIR BEAR


This controller is great! Always gives you second thought before throwing it across the room out the window

Author — Rey SM


I own the elite v1 and for a long time I used the collective minds paddles modpack on a regular controller and found the mapping buttons extremely useful. In the future, I personally think that the next version of the elite controller should have some kind of quickmapping button as well as adjustable paddles like almost a bending wire that can adjust your comfort if you have large hands. I think the shift button is genius but the newer playstation controllers will always have that touchpad.

Author — Bennett


I went through multiple v1 controllers. I loved the v1 elite but it could not withstand heavy usage which is insane. Grips fell off, deadzone issues, thumbsticks wore out you name it. v2 elite however has done so much better. It's subtle improvements do add up to be a significant improvement over v1 and the fact that I'm 6 months in after really heavy usage and it still feels and looks like I got it yesterday is a very promising. I'll be buying another one when the series X releases because no one should have to play on anything else, it's that good.

Author — CountScotula


Always found the elite extended thumbsticks really heavy.
They return softly and slightly overshoot center because they just feel like they carry too much momentum.

I would love to know how they feel with this variable tension on highest setting.

Author — The Toaster


Bro, your reviews are so on point. I always get both systems, but this controller makes me want to get the XBOX first. I really don’t like using after market controllers, and prefer using OE stuff cause it lasts longer, has better warranties. Knowing the elite is this good and works for the next gen is dope.

Author — MindYaBizz_Whiz


I bought the elite v1 used off ebay 3.5 yrs ago. I changed the face plate, triggers, and bumpers. It still works flawlessly! Only issue I've had was I paddle got loose and stopped working. It was an easy fix, just had to tighten a screw. Other than that it tends to rattle when vibrating, but i never notice it since I play with a headset. Will def get the v2 once mine breaks

Author — Lucchese


I love how this controller feels, especially how I’m able to fine tune the triggers and adjust the tension of the sticks. That being said, within a week of having it my B button started sticking. Not a huge deal since I could just map the B button to one of the back paddles. A couple weeks after that the left stick stopped responding when I went to click it. I play a lot of call of duty and everytime I went to sprint I would have to repeatedly click the left stick down until it responded properly. It got me killed many times and I just decided to go back to a regular controller. Kinda sucky.

Author — Matt


I’ve been a PlayStation and nintendo owner for many years but this generation I got an Xbox series x and I absolutely love it. I think it’s great to have so many options and each console has their pros and cons. I can’t wait to get the elite controller because it absolutely is the most comfortable controller I’ve felt for sure. Used to be out on display at a Best Buy.

Author — John Wick


This is probably the best looking controller i've ever seen. The charging dock has me really wanting this. Definitely picking it up along with the Xbox Series X.
Btw, this is a PS4 guy who plays with a Astro C40 because he got tired of the quality issues with the Scuf Vantage. Not a biased or fanboy gamer. Only loyalty is too the game, remember that people.

Author — Brandon Boudreau


Ona sidenote, my Steam Controller (which has all the mapping functionality youd ever want and then some) is several years old and still works just fine.
Most controllers that have backpaddles arent an option for me, because they only allow cloning of existing buttons instead of actual programming.
Good to see MS offers something along those lines, now lets hope they can match Valve when it comes to lingjevity too.

Author — Tobias Stamenkovic


Had the first version and I loved it, the weight of it the grip how you could customize it, lasted me 3 years had issue with left joystick wondering and just recently got exchanged at best buy for the new version looking forward to getting my hands on it soon

Author — Brandon Sandhu


I ended up getting this controller for like $70. It was refurbished. It’s an amazing controller and the rubberized grip feels amazing. However, it ended up being pointless for me to have because I’m used to using a PS4 controller and I play claw. Still an amazing controller and hasn’t had any issues.

Author — Doan Nguyen


I love this controller. I have the previous version, and knowing that it will carry over to the Xbox series X just makes me love it even more. This controller is hands down the best elite xbox/pc controller, yes i said PC, i'm that weirdo that uses a controller on PC.

Author — Heyser


Yea that's 100% true what you said about life span being a problematic subject for the elite controllers I've had 3 so far and it's taken almost 600$ to learn my lesson about buying custom builds!

This tech looks fantastic though I imagine with all the effort they put in they addressed the longevity of the parts used particularly the life of the substrate boards and sensor circuits for the paddles and sticks !
Those have been my two areas of issue with all 3 controllers I've owned
Very excited to upgrade to the v2 as soon as I can find it in stock 😂

Author — Ryan Streeval


I have been using this controller since shortly after its release. Overall, it improved my game and skill, but it’s lifetime was TERRIBLE. After just 2 months I started having issues with one of the bumpers, then went through an absolute HEADACHE to get it sent to Microsoft and repaired because of their lackluster customer service. After all of that, a few months later I started having issues with the other bumper and did the same thing. While this was happening, the center on the joysticks was progressively degrading and I kept having to increase my deadzones in games to avoid drift. After about a year, both of the triggers started sticking and becoming unresponsive most of the time, and I ended up taking matters into my own hands and opening the controller myself and doing a sort of “controller surgery” with the help of a YT video.

Author — Loaded Lemon


The life span of mine was pretty short. I had 2 elite 1s that broke pretty quick (i.e the bumpers simply fell out over time and the padding/gripping came off) and then I decided to get the elite 2. I loved it while it lasted. The two top paddle buttons on the back of the controller are now unresponsive and so is the left bumper. Maybe I got unlucky. I low key want another one cuz it truly was one of the best feeling controllers I've ever felt in my hands and it's got such a nice weight to it. I wish I could remember how long it lasted but it didnt feel long😥

Author — WhoaLetsGetPeas


Love the details brought to adjustable thumbstick tension. It's really like the #1 thing that needed adjusting in the standard controller. Thumbs up.

Author — Vitaly Samonov


Not a console gamer anymore, but it is astonishing how far controller technology has come in the last 10 years, like everything. I started with the scuf hybrid back in 2013 (if anyone knows what that is), didn't even have half of everything mentioned in this vid.

Author — мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ


You forgot to mention they automatically change the 0-100% trigger press when you switch between the 3 trigger settings so you no longer need to make a custom profile for that change.

Author — Marco Vieira