A Nation Of Immigrants Is Being Told To Fear Immigrants

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A Nation Of Immigrants Is Being Told To Fear Immigrants 4.5

Donald Trump began his White House address by saying America is 'a welcoming country,' then proceeded to deliver a fear-stoking speech about the dangers of immigrants.

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i like how trump can talk for an hour and not really say anything

Author — 13orrax


"When he can, he tells the truth. When he can't, he talks." 😂😂

Author — Mohna Priyanka


"... but they're given a little legal statement to read, aaand... they read it."

Omg, you guys, I just figured out why Trump hates immigrants! He's envious that they can read!

And he's right, women do want security! So I assume he'll do the chivalrous thing and remove himself from this mortal coil.

Author — Totally Nameless


A Nation Of Immigrants Is Being Told To Fear Immigrants - exactly the ludicrous point

Author — Justin Thyme


Anyone ever notice Trump has the same speech patterns as Doctor Evil?

Author — TheLoreSeeker


Both HIS parents were immigrants who had him on American soil? 2 of his wives are mother immigrants of his children? Melanias parents are immigrants? Allegedly

Author — Green Orchid


America is a welcoming country? Then why has there been such an influx of illegal immigrants escaping the United States to Canada.

Major Canadian political issue...

Author — Alison Belmore


I can't understand 40% approval. How is it that high?

Author — Bronson Pinchot


Republicans wasted 8 years doing literally nothing but voting against Obama. Then they spent the next 2 years, during which they controlled every branch of government, . doing nothing but telling Trump how great he is. That's an entire decade of not doing your ****ing job! Tell me any other job where this wouldn't get you fired?

Author — Charles Jones


How can you tell when Trump is telling a lie ?
His lips move.

Author — squeakeroo1


Here I am suffering from constipation and this man is constantly pulling things out of his ass

Author — tirtha simanta


"Believe me I'm the Embodiment of what woman do not want!" You're so spot on Stephen!

Author — Amy Jenson


Let everyone in the Non-existing Caravan through the Non-Existing Wall, and give them a job in the Non-Existing Space Force. Problem solved.

Author — erik schaepers


Wait a minute... (Only now this occured to me (facepalm) )
If illegal immigrants have jobs, that means businesses hiring them are doing a crime. Government should punish the ones who hire them. If illegal immigrants couldn't get a job, much less would come to US. It all boils down to profit seeking...

Author — Hexanitrobenzene


Get out there and vote America. Make the Republicans suffer for what they've done.

Author — Shogun


Stephen Colbert's monologues are the best comedic critiques of 45's fiasco presidency.

Author — saul2007t


Donald J. Trump: Moron of The Highest Order (all over the world).

Author — f1nalpr1m3


LMAO...Trump said he's done more for Christians that anyone else! I guess he forgot his divorce's!!! He's a hypocrite!!! 🤔

Author — Kathleen DeShazer


Stephen Colbert, YOUR BRILLIANT!! ♡♡♡♡

Author — Heather Remlin


"There's nothing to fear but whatever I tell you to fear." - Agent Orange

Author — unnamed