Cooking Ramen In Different Liquids (Taste Test)

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Cooking Ramen In Different Liquids (Taste Test) 5

Today, we're tasting ramen that was cooked (and boiled for safety) in different liquids. GMM #1759

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💬 Comments

Merch idea: sleeping masks that say “as you can see, I can’t!!!” Like if y’all agree!! Keep this up!

Author — Farrah Mendoza


I left for a couple months and Rhett looks like he’s been living on an island for that time

Author — Chris


Couldve hit us with that “normal ramen is pristine, but what about if its cooked in listerine?

Author — Chef Boyardee


Has there been a “Will it Juice?” episode? If not, donut juice should be tested for sure.

Author — toaster-fingers


It’s crazy how they’ve been able to eat all kinds of gross foods but when they’re given ramen cooked in fish sauce both of them start to go crazy and refuse to eat it.

Author — Hannah Milby


I love how they still use those same blindfolds that a mythical beast sent in on ep 525. Somehow I really appreciate being able to visualize Rhett's eyebrows and Link's glasses, lol.

Author — Sara C


Okay but Stevie’s Link” was kinda adorable 😂

Author — Emma Hacker


Who uses liquid? Just snort the packet and crunch the noodle planks.

Author — Augustus Gravley


the most relatable thing rhett has ever said "i like this, actually i think i just like to eat but..." 😂

Author — Penny Parkin


I am increasingly convinced that Rhett has become a modern Samson, in that if his incredible locks are shorn, he loses his incredible strength. But what IS his particular, incredible strength? And does it involve the jawbone of an ass?

Author — Dyany Munson


can we appreciate how adorable link was when he said horchata🥺😭😭😭

Author — melissa flores


"Ya can't boil gravy, can ya?" Ummm..yes, yes you can Rhett lol. *"Is that a beard hair?"* "Spider pee.", "Oh lawrd." 😂 "At the top of this we said there wasn't gonna be any pee!"

Author — picknbeansmamma


They need to redo “my hair song” but like the other way around

Author — Skyler Kitchings


I love how Stevie talks to Link like he's a 5 year old whenever he gets a question right.

Author — Myers369


Rhett and Link: Fish Sauce 🤢🤮
Asians: We use this a lot. 😌

Author — AtomicFlash


Wise men once said: *lets talk about that*

Author — sweatshirt


"I like this. I think I just like to eat." Rhett's speaking my language

Author — TheDisguise


Drinking game:

Take a shot every time they say the word 'tang'

Author — Rachelle Kratz


I've said it once and I will say it again .
*GMM school lunches around the world: dart edition*



As an asian person, I have one thing to say about this offense to my culture...

Great video 👍👍 this was funny and I really enjoyed it!

Author — jerbil