Davos 2019 - Strategic Outlook on the Digital Economy

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The number of connected devices globally has soared to over 17 billion, and is projected to double by 2025. What technological, social and political shifts will shape the future of the digital economy?

On the Forum Agenda:
- Growth rate and scale of artificial intelligence applications
- Coalition building to invest in 5G infrastructure
- Public policy changes on data and artificial intelligence

The System Initiative for this session is Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society.

· Eileen Donahoe, Executive Director, Global Digital Policy Incubator, USA.
· Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman and Rotating Chairman, Huawei Technologies, People's Republic of China.
· Alfred F. Kelly Jr, Chief Executive Officer, Visa, USA.
· Abidali Neemuchwala, Chief Executive Officer, Wipro, India.
· Rajeev Suri, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nokia Corporation, Finland.

Introduced by:
· Derek O'Halloran, Head of Digital Economy and Society System Initiative; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum.

Moderated by:
· Victoria A. Espinel, President and Chief Executive Officer, BSA - The Software Alliance, USA.

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Interesting! Would have loved to get the insight from civil society/gov. officials. Issues linked with let's say loss of sovereignty are not something these private sectors companies really care about. One of the main challenge with globalization 4.0 is finding a way to strengthen the relation between states and the private sector because digital policy affecting all citizens needs to be made by people and actors that understand what is happening and coming our way in terms of technological developments.



The share of digital economy in the country's GDP improving tremendously, in the National or International markets the digital goods and services (both hardware, software) occupied major portion, Now. We are experiencing fourth industrial Revolution, and information Revolution with these 4 G, with one sentence we can realise the importance of the digital learning and the reason why there is progress in the demand of Digital Good's and services, " A man with a postgraduate certificate will be treated as illiterate without Digital Literacy " Smart phones, computers, Laptops, printers, and other computer peripherals flooding in the market, But Disposing E-Waste without adverse affects on the environment is the big"?" And the challenge for the future generations.

Author — Udayasree A