'Rebel' PARAZAPPER, Zapper works Great after Years of Extreme Use

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'Rebel' PARAZAPPER, Zapper works Great after Years of Extreme Use.
After years of extreme and extensive use the Parazapper has been proven to be ultra-reliable delivering the positive-offset square wave frequencies with great accuracy. Since the Parazapper units are pre-programmed, and only require a single battery and are compact, they are very easy to use on a daily basis.

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I wish those things were not so hard to understand.But thanks I learned a little bit that I understand from you.I think they really work.

Author — katbalou ohi


I agree the zappers are good to add to your medical preps. Also having a solar system to power the Spooky2 system is a good idea. I appreciate your sharing the experience you've had with these devices and supplements. I recently listened to an older interview with Patrick Mcgean about organic sulfur, apparently also referred to as MSM. It has a lot of claimed benefits. Have you tried supplementing with it?

Author — Government IS Slavery


will you explain from the beginning what these are used for.

Author — Luci Lanuchi