Top 5 NEW Secret Locations in PUBG Mobile! (Secret Cave)

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Top 5 NEW Secret Locations in PUBG Mobile! (Secret Cave) 4.5

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Hello everyone! This is ExxotikGaming here, and thank you for clicking on my video! Today I am SUPER happy to bring you all a secret locations video for PUBG Mobile! We all love PUBG Mobile secrets, and we all are constantly trying to find ways to get to places no other players have ever been before. Today, I am showing a bunch of secret locations you may not know about, including 2 bonus secret cave locations in Miramar that you 100% will not know about! It's awesome, and let me know if you want me to do more videos like this in the future!

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*7:25** you can see something shining on that house at the left of your screen*

Author — B0ngo


Bro u had me tapping "X" to close the minimap😂

Author — Dza


I've done snowmobile thing but hit wrong rock
Died right there....

Author — Apple sauce


Most people know about the "secret" cave in vikendi

Author — gkurgkuntzola


"the only people you're going to find are going to be bots"
the 1.1m people who watched this video: okay, that sounds cool

Author — Abdesslam Dai


I don‘t know if I’d call the cave in Vikendi ‘Secret’, I went there and I came out with 11 kills

Author — Alvin Chen


OMG i finally found him i forgot the name of this channel i was watching this guy since i was 10 my gosh i love u

Author — MW-Phantom-MW


Once i went in the right corner of the map in Erangel (where we start from) and got flare gun, 8 scope and more thing! Did you try it?

Author — Swiftie 4 Ever


Everybody gangsta till the hacker starts rolling..

Author — Umer Khan


1:18 "They alsow ban people for using glitches"... yes, but they didn't ban people for hacking

Author — Anonymus Prime


The bad thing is

My enemy is also watching this😪
Edit:Thanks for the likes folks I never had this much likes my entire life😃

Author — Crazzy


What the F is up with the 2.5 minute intro?

Author — InDisskyS131


Yeah definitely no more airdrop in the cave

Author — E -Rich


8:40 Bruh I went to this place and I saw like 3 teams trying to get in

Author — What


Are you tfue but in PUBG mobile? Because you don't wear clothes :o

Author — Shàdøw Nìnjà


The secret cave in Vikendi is an airdrop making center

Author — IDK_PLUEM Gamer


Didn't watch this: 0 People Goes There

Watched This: 100 peoples Goes There

Author — AddyTV


I found a Golden compass in that map and one of the hoses and I don’t know what it’s for

Author — Gaming with a Puppy


in the chat icon, you cant type in cave, or sniper. it turns them into **** and ive lost friends over this issue. you also cant write "turn on your mic" coz then it says: your mic. pubg mobile is wayyyy too strict

Author — Corbin Cox


I actually figured the secret location on Vekindi when me and my friend we're messing around

Author — Floken IDK