Top 10 Worst Epidemics in History

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Top 10 Worst Epidemics in History 5

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Corona: *Spreads*

Youtube: Let's recomend this so that people can worry less.

Author — SypheX


When people put: who's here during the Corona virus? Well unless someone invented time travel I reckon we all are

Author — Matt


Jokes aside, we should be grateful we lived in the modern era when there’re these advanced technologies exists. During the Black Plague, there were literally no sanitation, people who got the disease had absolutely no choice but wait for death, it’s very sad

Author — Henry Chiang


*Coronavirus* : has the world on a lockdown

YouTube: Wanna see what can actually go wrong?

Author — DrHo4x


Plot Twist: humans are the actual virus and earth is trying to fight us because we are killing the earth.

Author — c cc


Coronavirus: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Author — Dr. DeadPool


We are the virus. "The Earth will shake us off, like a bad case of fleas."
- George Carlin

Author — rawdog42


Who else is here during coronavirus pandemic? Didnt realize we've been through similar situations tho...all these SUCK...EBOLA? ID rather have covid-19...bleeding out the eyes? No thank u

Author — Rainman


I'm feeling lucky to be born in this age. Even though we're still experiencing the very similar deadly pandemics but now we can prevent millions of lives unlike the ancient times.

Author — harshit kumar


4 years ago: Top 10 worst epidemic in history
1 year later: Top 11 worst epidemic in history

Author — oryll duke de vera


Worst pandemic in human history: Stupidity.

Author — BJP


Corona Virus: I’m the greatest Pandemic

Black Death: Hold My Beer

Author — Dave Amoah


There are two kinds people:

Those who had this recommended to them.

Those who searched for this.

Author — Thanos the Farmer


2020 Lockdown.

YouTube: LeTs ReCoMmEnD tHIs To EvErYoNe...

Author — Undead Corndog


If you searched this up I’m sorry, but your a maniac.

Author — BBallProductions


100 years from now, students in history class will learn about the coronavirus

Author — MAKnCHEEZ


Let's hope coronavirus never makes this list 🙏

Author — Scott Pepper


Spanish Flu Pandemic much more scary though. I mean the virus attack young healthy adults. Holy shoot!!!

Author — Anonymous One


Lets be honest who came here because of the coronavirus?

Author — Jeremy Brookes


The worst pandemic is the wave of Tik Tok ads appearing everywhere

Author — Mr Steal Koolaid