Wizard101: Full Eclipse Tower Run - Shadow School Trainer

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Conquering the Eclipse Tower in Moon Cliffs to get the new Shadow Spells!
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💬 Comments

I was screaming for blaze to click his name 😂

Author — OpticDankLord


I love blues background commentary in the beginning. blaze: it took a long time
blue:it truly did!

Author — stormzilla13


Aww, I wanted to see you guys react to the Power Nova.   LOL it blew me away!

Author — AuntieMcFly


Ok I am lvl 95 Life and can't find the quest I:

Author — Jacob Simpson


I am literally about to enter eclipse tower right now as my quest.

Author — Brenden Mullins


"She's like 'Nng, not gonna take any of that.'"
"Morgan Freeman."
I love your commentary. XD How did Morgan Freeman get into there?

Author — peppermint.coffee


I love this! You guys are so funny! :D

Author — laura


I Haven't played this game since last year, imma get on and see how much it has changed. I:

Author — Timothystorm Forge


That balance school boss is a pain, how did you do him!

Author — TheJosh


When you can't target someone, click on his name icon, its usually works :D

Author — Crying Elander


Thats awesome!! Should we throw a party for your success?

Author — Connor Lowe


This is the only recording of the fight on youtube. Thank you blaze, blue, nd the trucker + noah. You guys are pro. Respect. Live pn my brothas

Author — GrimReaper7471


Destiny Dreamfinder here guys level 95 life wizard. Wow appreciate watching what I have to look forward to. You guys did an awesome job. Would love to find ya and help me out. I am so totally jazzed to learn some secrets before I get there. Thx for uploading this for us Wiz.

Author — sandy ambrose


How you guys talk together in wizard101?

Author — tanner pie


I've had that happen to me where you can't single target the boss and i just think it glitches out like that sometimes

Author — Galina Connery


the reason u couldn't target the guy single is because it glitched and had to aim above him

Author — robloxmaster87


i heard when your level 95 you dont get the shadow magic quest automatically need to be on the storyline

Author — Salem


You had to click his name, happens to me often

Author — Jordie Terra


About when you say that you can't single target an enemy when they're in shadow form, try clicking the name box instead of the body. Remember it's a rest realm still

Author — k2b6g


me and Austen were friends on wizard101 but then my account would not let me in last year so :(

Author — Jack Brewer