Hand Of Fate 2 - Card Rock Cafe (Jimpressions)

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Hand Of Fate 2 - Card Rock Cafe (Jimpressions) 5

Hand of Fate 2. It's basically as good as Hand of Fate. The new twists are good, the old problems are a shame.

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Author — benzlover55


I've always found card games to be extremely boring, until Hand of Fate. I'm so glad HoF2 didn't disappoint, it's an improvement in every aspect.

Author — Mar H


You are now "Captain Sterling" apparently.

Author — Medieval Genie


Why the hell didn't you reroll the 2? You can reroll multiple dice! :o Sometimes I've even rerolled all 3 at once!

Author — Aegix Drakan


I find the combat is a therapeutic calming respite from the tension of those evil cards and dice.

Author — HiddenAdept


Jim, you can't really fuss about button mashing combat when you love dynasty warriors

Author — Frank Allen


I love it, personally. I've always been a big fan of tabletop gaming and adventure books, and the first Hand Of Fate was a fantastic entry to indulge my love of both tabletop and video gaming. Hand of Fate 2, just as good in my opinion, and I love the new twists on the gameplay I've come to know. My only gripe is that the audio crackles a little bit, at least on PS4.

Author — Garrett van de Gelder


The combat is not great, but it's a really good change of pace.

Author — IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers


"The empire doesn't ask for much, but they end up taking everything!!!!"

Author — OmegaVideoGameGod


I see combat is the weakest element of 2 like it was the first game. Just smash buttons f2w.

Author — Robert P


This game is so great. Totally worth every penny!!

Author — DistantSon1


I wonder how easy the combat could be modded out. It is a unity game after all. I didn't mind the combat in the original that much but I do admit I felt like an option to turn it off for some casual card fun would have made me play it in a lot more circumstances when I just wanted something to chill out to.

Author — sirflimflam


I would be seriously into hearing Jim talk about TCGs and loot boxes

Author — Noble


*< hears "pagemaster", instantly snaps back to Yahtzee's 'Beyond (hurk) Two Souls' review*

Author — Mr Iczer


Ah, I hadn't noticed. Congrats on cracking the 600k, Jim. :)

Yup, looks like more Hand of Fate, and your criticisms pretty much align with my own, so... it'll probably be a sale pickup one or two years down the line.

Author — Sonicron86


You can reroll as many die as you want on a "reroll"....

Author — Stephanie Varrette


Hey, Jim. You ever messed around with Warframe?

Author — Joshua Minix


I'm surprised that you're so against the combat. I quite like it despite the fact ti's occaisonally jankey and the additions/changes they've made in the weapons and skills are for the better.

Author — sethzard


Seeing the cards "come alive" in the combat is the point of this game. Without combat there would be no reason to play it. I agree it should be made better, but having it there is fundamental to the game. Also stop mashing.

Author — poika22


Man, I really loved the mix of card game and 3rd person action game. I guess, for me, all it had to be was good enough to keep the interest going. I guess I did find the board game part much more engaging, but I think the action segments really do add to it. Also, I'm pretty sure if they were super difficult it would really break the game for me.

Author — Disthron