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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News 4.5
President Trump distances himself from 'send her back' chants he inspired, Jeffrey Epstein denied bail, must remain behind bars until sex trafficking trial, and Jon Stewart blasts Rand Paul for blocking 9/11 victims bill.

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1:27 Trump Tries to Disavow Chant After Harsh Criticism
3:54 U.S. Warship Destroys Iranian Drone as Tension Escalates
5:30 Judge Denies Epstein Bail, Citing Danger, Flight Risk
7:16 Summer Scorcher: 200 Million Under Heat Alerts
9:24 Acting Homeland Security Chief Faces Tough Questions from Congress
11:23 Ups Drivers Struggle in Heat Without Air-Conditioned Trucks
15:05 State Of Emergency As Fort Lauderdale Loses Its Water
16:03 Jon Stewart's New Demand for 9/11 Victims Fundin
17:49 Scores Killed in Arson Attack in Japan

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Trump and Epstein for prison 2020!!!
Lock them up! lock them up!

Author — Sunny Kingston


For all who will feel this heat, please stay safe.

Author — Kunochi TurtleDove


The Orange Fuhrer has been Exposed !!!.... He's Frightened of Pretty Little Ms Omar .... He's got Nowhere to Go ....Except ....The Gutter Usual.

Author — antony michael


Publicly, GOP leaders defended Trump because they are afraid of his base. Privately, they told the VP that this kind of stuff might hurt the party's image and hurt some re-election campaigns. These are the priorities of the GOP.

Author — Jeff Foehringer


Send her back got him uncomfortable but he didn’t want to alienate his supporters by shutting them up. It was like being caught in the middle of argument between your mistress and your gf

Author — R R


UPS..."small percentage"...come on! One is too many when a life is at risk.
Another "typical" corporate, and money hungry attitude. God forbid if Corporate CEO'S get less than their exorbitant million + or bust salaries. Morality is only a word as far as big bu$$ine$$ is concerned.

Author — Penny O


Can you imagine if Omar would have objected to any portion of the 911 victims fund?

Author — Karl Toenjes


How many billions is the so-called 'Space Force' or going to the moon going to cost Rand?! Haven't heard you complain about that.

Author — Purple Flame Tarot


Bruh! We usually have triple digit heat around this time in Fresno, Ca.

Author — Joseph B


Meanwhile these people are still suffering.

Author — Christopher V


This company has no compassion...Alot of tgese people dont report it because they are afraid to loose their jobs!! This company has plenty of money to fix this issue .Greed to the sickest Degree!🔥Figure it out! What if it was You!! Unbelievable

Author — Elizabeth Salerno


UPS is the epitome of how big corporations care more for their billion dollar profits...
than the safety or life of their employees...

Author — don pep


I remember when McCain corrected a person saying Obama was a terrorist. He took the microphone away and corrected her. He told the crowd he had political differences with Obama but obama was a solid family man and a true American.

Trump just stood in the glory of racist, fascist crowd! Trump loved it!

Protect yourselves folks! Times are dire!

I would love to see a massive march on DC! Where’s our civil rights leaders! Call for a march! Demand change! We are a democracy!

Author — clowe73


These are crimes against humanity and the world is just watching!
We lost the right to condem other Countrys for doing the same!

Author — rolandbcool


Antifa man tried to blow up a government building quoting the squad. News doesn’t cover it. Omar commits immigration fraud marrying her brother then filed 2 years of false income taxes. Again fraud but not getting much coverage.

Author — iridefast1


16:30 I'm not sure how you can say Rand Paul is "all of a sudden" advocating for fiscal responsibility, due diligence, and good government. Not sure this expenditure is the best one to illustrate his principles to the American people though.

Author — Jon Brassard


I live in the hot South where I see UPS drivers who desperately need air conditioning. UPS do something about this!

Author — J.E. Spence


Omg, thank god for some good news. That weasel Epstein won’t get away. But is berman seriously going to go after him? I have my doubts, don’t trust this, too many big people to fall. Can berman handle it?

Author — Saya ___


Those biscuit MUST HAVE 350 DEGRESS TO BAKE..👎😝

Author — T Love


UPS trains and tells drivers how to stay hydrated in summer and winter. FedEX and UPS drivers are in and out frequently, so they're not just sitting in the vehicle.

Author — spaghettibender