Compressing a gas in a fire piston

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Thanks for the video ! I'd saw beargrills starting fire with this technique during one of hos episode !

Author — StormEnnairo


Wow, that's so pog! Thanks for the informative video.

Author — Prinny dood!


I do not believe that most of the energy comes from the piston. It’s an adiabatic process. You are taking the kinetic energy from a large volume of gas and reducing the volume. The energy remains constant, but since the volume is lower the temperature jumps higher. At least, that’s how I remember it. I may remember wrong.

Author — Noah Spurrier


The ignition temperature of cotton is about 400 degrees C:P

Author — Teodor D


its better than rubbing two sticks together. and it looks fun

Author — Andiar Rohnds


Just to let you know, this video is being used by climate "skeptics" to suggest that atmospheric pressure is responsible for earth's surface temperature rather than the greenhouse effect. I wonder if you might comment on this for people's edification. Thx!

Author — Rane Torrent