How to use a Xiaomi Yi 4k+ as webcam for Zoom, Skype, etc. (Windows)

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Es el video que llevaba tiempo buscando, muchas gracias!!!
Es posible conectar mas de una camara a la vez?

Author — S A P


Will the image be better or worse than using a dedicated regular webcam such as the Logitech c920?

Author — me


buenas trades!!!
sirve esto para una Xiaomi MIjia 4K??

Author — Gabriel ibarra morales


Thank you I will try this and let you know.

Author — none name


Hi guys. Fantastic. Love the wireless aspect of it.

I have a Yi 4K+ action camera. I saw on your website that your APP support 1920 X 1080 if using RTMP for foll. cameras (Xiaomi Yi 4K, 4K+ RTMP). I saw in the video that initially it connected at a lower 720 X 480 resolution and then AFTER clicking DETERMINE RESOLUTION, it changed to 1920 X 1080.

So is this upscaled from 720 X 480 or is it NATIVE ??? Do we have to install any separate RTMP server or is that part of the Windows APP that we purchase ?

Author — Inspire2Aspire Consulting Mahesh Pamnani


Will this work even if the dash cam doesn’t have a micro SD?

Author — Miguel Agca


Good afternoon! I downloaded the program (after paying in advance), as it turned out from the download link, the program is called Webcam Tool for Action Cameras, and in the video it is called Virtual Webcam Tool. The program interface looks different too. Is this a scam or a new version of the program? Then post the instructions for installing and running a new program (Webcam Tool for Action Cameras)!

Author — Игорь Назаров


this works with the yi discovery camera?

Author — Dom Quixote de la Física


Does the Xiaomi Yi 4K have a smooth video feed over wifi? The software is kind of buggy with the session 5

Author — Dubbbz


I set my cam into narrow mode because the default is too wide, but in the Live mode its still hold in wide mode?

Author — 來來


The camera (Yi 4k+; 1.4.14) tells me it can't find the wifi... i tried moultiple times with different security settings wpa/2 and i also treid just my repeater.

Author — Animri


Hi, can Yi camera be connected permanently via USB to the laptop as webcam?

Author — Ethan F.


Hola! Tengo la Xiomi Yi 4k, pero quiero conectarla a traves de wifi sin desconectar mi notebook del wif, se puede? o solo esa funcion es en yi 4k+?

Author — Jeremias Paredes


can i use this method for xiaomi yi gen 1?



does this work with yi 4k cam ? and not yi 4k+ ?

Author — Gelo Luis


Does it work on Yi Action Camera (The white one)?

Author — Jetfloyd Orge


Hi, I just bought the program. It works perfectly fine and its not a scam. At first I couldnt connect my camera, but i could solve that problem. If you can´t connect your camera try shutting down your firewall. Also dont use the wifi adress and password of your camera, but from your router. After almost two days of trying I think I figured everything out (With the help of the customer service). So if you dont want to buy a new webcam use this program. Aside from a little time delay you will have the same quality as a very, very good webcam. Also the customer service replies very fast and is very helpful. If u want any information from a customer, you can ask me, i will try to respond.

Author — Leo Sadjak


Can i use this method for yi discovery?

Author — the dodz


Hi, could you help me, please? My Yi 4k+ says "Life connection is successful" but I can not find the camera in any program.

Author — Desmo 90


hi sir, i have xiaomi yi 4k, not 4k+ it can be used for webcam?

Author — Acceleon TV