Necros Christos - Der Sinn des Lebens

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NECROS CHRISTOS-Frontmann Mors Dalos Ra stellte sich beim diesjährigen Party.San Metal Open Air unseren Fragen und trat zum Video-Interview mit Mandy Malon an. Unter anderem geht es in den beiden Clips um den letzten Party.San-Auftritt der Black-Deather, den Sinn des Lebens und das nächste Album der Band, aber schaut euch das am besten selbst an! \m/

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I translated video this for you, the viewers of RockHardMegazine

- ...Exactly. We can welcome you back.
> Thanks.

- You already played here in 2012, right?
> Right.

- Also on the big stage, right?
> At an earlier time slot?

- Do you still remember the show?
> Nnnn... yes... not exactly. But I believe it was very good. In any case it was a lot brighter than today. The weather was also better than today. But in terms of people it was just as great as today, so both times will stay in my memories as good shows, in any case.

- You're often categorized as an occult death metal band. Occult, I think, has become kind of a trendy word. What does occultism mean to you?
> That's a long answer. Firstly we have to say, we're one of those bands that hasn't just jumped on the bandwagon like three years ago. We've existed since... The first demo came out in 2002, that's already a while ago. And Necros Christos has had mystical lyrical themes since then. So I wouldn't say it's a trend right now. And whether it's a trend or not, look at it from this side: Many bands that do follow this, or that do have occult lyrics, aren't really acknowledged for it.

Instead a lot of people, especially at festivals, say, "Yeah, here's some more of those nutbags, what am I gonna do with them?" So you have to take both those things together. I personally wouldn't say, like many magazines often do, because it's in their advantage -- in fact I think it's to their detriment these days, to analyze the lyrics and say, this band has occult lyrics, deals with occult themes -- it's not very useful anymore. That people say, "Oh, I'll have to check them out"; on the contrary, many say, "That's really not for me."

I stand behind our performances and our lyrics, and I don't think you can find any sort of trends there. I can't see it.

- OK. That's not what I meant at all.
> Occultism -- to get back to your question -- it's the search for what's concealed. And I've occupied myself for so long with spirituality, religion, the things between the lines, and not what's written there literally. That, to me, is the search for the occult: What's written between the lines.

- Do you sort of occupy yourself with that as well in your private life? Is it a part of your life?
> Yes, daily. Every day. I read every day.

- What do you read? What's your favorite book?
> There's no one direct... There are some major themes which are sources to me, which have the most spiritual value to me. For me those are the field of the Kabbalah -- Judaic mysticism -- and the old Gnostic Christian Nag-Hammadi library. Both of those I try to study as best as I can on a daily basis. I try to take my time, and not just read it in translation but also to get closer to the Hebrew language. I think that works quite well for me.

- Do you often ponder about the meaning of life? Or what happens after death?
> No, because I know the meaning of life.

- And what is it?
> In my opinion, we're here because we're all immortal -- we all have souls -- and we... Maybe someone would see it as chosen, or damned -- we're destined to keep reincarnating from body to body, until our souls reach a certain point of fulfillment. That, to me, is the meaning of life, to be here, to think about what we're doing here, and to lead a life that we have considered. To not just say, "I'm doing this, I'm doing that, " without thinking about the consequences. We have to look at the consequences. This is what the Indians call "karma." You receive your actions.

But to break it down to this simple form, you get what you do. If I only send out anger, hate, animosity, that's what I'll get back, but when I act respectfully and politely towards others, that's exactly what I'll get back. That's exactly what happens in this life. And that's spiritual laws. Some might not see it in terms of spirituality or religion, but that's exactly what happens in this life, in my opinion. And I should add, I don't want to convert anybody.

When after a show someone comes up to me and asks about my beliefs, it's a beautiful thing. But I would never go up to someone and say, "Now listen here, let me tell you something, you have to believe this." No, I'm not interested in that.

- Probably no point to that.
> No, there's no point to that. I don't really like this word "God" but when you break it down to a simple term, God is multiplicity. So God is exactly when someone else tells me, "I believe this and that, but tell me about your beliefs, " and I say, that's totally interesting, "tell me about yours." That's what it's about, and not to hate one another or kill one another just because of certain beliefs. Because that doesn't have anything to do with believing.

- I agree.
> Thank you.

Author — Infinity


As I can't understand anything. Nice tshirt dude!

Author — Marcelo Lopes


English subtitles please, no se entiende ni mierda! All Hail Necros Christos!

Author — Ricardo Medel


um cruxifixo cristao no pescoço e camisa do Trouble. Necro Christos virou banda cristan???

Author — Rotting Sounds