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In this video I go over all of the best Overwatch 2 settings to boost fps, lower input delay, see enemies easer, reduce visual clutter, improve your aim, best keybinds and sensitivities, color settings, crosshairs and much more.

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sorry this took so long to get out, I wanted to play enough to make sure I had all the settings correct! let me know in the comments if this video helped you :)

Author — complys


Hey complys, one of the best tips I found out for Zarya was to turn "Allied Health Bars" from default to On (contextual). Being able to see when an ally is taking damage lets you know when to bubble your teammates to potentially save them and easily build up her damage. Thanks for another great vid bro

Author — AGayPowerRanger


There is an option for "Night mode" or something in the device audio settings. Helps hear footsteps wayyyy better.

Author — BROD


For Kiriko: you definitely want to turn off the Ofuda UI, it's just visual clutter that provides you with no relevant information. Also would recommend swapping her primary and alternate fire. Swiftstep sensitivity should also be 100%, it just free aim assist when you are trying to 180 and gtfo.

Author — DjNaste


been playing for 6 years. and these settings completely changed my gameplay for the better. thank you so much for posting this.

Author — Kevbro93


Just giving me these settings made me enjoy the game sooo much and copying your sens and dpi helped me get into maining Hanzo and Sojourn much more efficiently. Thank you man! Love this game now lol. Subbed!

Author — Godskin Sandwich


I swear this dude is the best " best <game> settings " ever, so detailed, so clear, amazing.

Author — Karenna


Wow thanks so much. So much content covered in one video, i had to keep pausing! As a new player, stuff like this helps a lot.

Maybe do guides for new players since a lot of them are coming onto ow2

Author — Divyang Upadhyaya


Thanks for the indepth guide, even though it was longer, it was to the point. Good content

Author — Tyler Sultenfuss


Super video dude, love how you explain every choice. Greatly appreciated as a new player c:

Author — Skar


Awesome stuff bro, I'm not sure i my GPU(1050ti) is considered Low end these days but it definitely bumped up a ton of FPS and making it super smooth after capping my frame rates. Can't believe this game was so laggy when it was pretty much smooth on OW1! Great vid :)

Author — Nolen


When using Widowmaker turning the grappling hook sens down to 35-40% can help a little too. Found this from another video, thought i might mention it here. Thanks for the vid :)

Author — ム- mewqi -


Hello, im looking for a balanced graphic settings like I want the game too look pretty but at the same time not to loose to much perfomance. It would be so cool. Anyway thank you for this video.

Author — Faik


I had the same settings as ow1 and something was off. Thanks alot brother the game's so much smoother now!!!

Author — Tsolas Felipe


honestly this changed my ow experience massively. thank you complys

Author — Jon Clark


I also recommend leaving hdr off, otherwise makes dark areas too dark

Author — Team 974


I just started this game, your guide is the best, no questions. Thank You!

Author — DrCylon


yo thanks for the settings man, my game runs so much smoother and is easier on my pc

Author — shane marqueses


GOAT. Saw this video was 18 minutes long and thought I'd end up skipping through, but glad I watched all the way through. Got a ton of useful settings put in now that'll definitely help my game.

Author — effortliss


This was good! I watched 100% of it and paused along the way this was perfect i can stop watching tutorials that enable vsync and stuff

Author — asdfe eafgdsf