Lahore Call Girls Interview Part 1-

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Lahore Call Girls Interview Part 1- 4

Lahore Call Girls Interview-Part-1-Zubair Qidwai

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ALLAH her ek insan ko izzat ki zindgi guzarne ki toufeeq de

Author — Zaheer Khan


I’m crying to hear this, bhees log harami salay

Author — riaz shaikh


اللہ پاک سب کی بیٹیوں کی کو اپنے حفظو ایمان میں رکهے آمین

Author — Dil_e_ Mehrban


یا اللہ میری توبہ یا اللہ ہمیں معاف فرماء ہمیں نیکیوں صلہ رحمی کی توفیق عطاء فرماء آمین ثمہ آمین

Author — Shaukat Ali


Why you are showing the girl's face every interview.

Author — Akash Yadav


Istaghfar Allah kse b larki KO ase zindagii na dy ameen

Author — nirma khan


My Dear You have a soft hart i understand your feelings you are such a nice person i like you

Author — Zubair Qidwai


i cant stop my tears.
Whats happened to my Pakistan? :(

Author — waleed safdar


In the US we have two phrases for your comment
"You cant make a ho a housewife" and "Don't be Captain Save-A-Ho"

Author — rob60201


These movies are amazing. I'm here since my mate suddenly became awesome with women. He went from zero to hero. He acted as if it was natural for a while. He ultimately came clean on Friday. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to know about it... He's dating a stunner... Lucky fucker!

Author — DizelPower1


Thank you!!! I was abt to say the same buh when i looked @ ur commentt..i was like YES!! :p

Author — iLoveYoutubing


respect to the people who had the guts to make this documentary!

Author — lulu ahmad


know what u say about taliban sharya...

Author — IQ Khan


Ae Allah apna karam ata farma hum sab par aur hum sab ko asi samaji burayiu se bacha ameen, ,

Author — Mohd. Azim Sheikh


@alvisaima007 Lol, they are doing what they do best... Profiting from the suffering of their people.

Author — jstsurreal


As an pakistani

watching such videos tear me apart and causes my heart to bleed

indeed now we should stop saying Pakistan Zindabad and do something to improve common pakistani life.

Author — FarhaN Khan


hope who watch this clip they stophimself friends and other relations.plz stop listen the people problem.

Author — donkh4n


Aurat ne janam diya mardon ko
Mardon ne osey bazar diya
Jab g chaha kochla, masla
Jab g chaha dhutkar diya

Author — Mohd Natiq


@actressme2 why you make fun of this!! woman or suffering and you making jokes!!

Author — Deborah Thijm


@xxxAl0nexxx Exactly. This story earns them high returns.

Author — tradecycles