How to Mod Your PS4 Games EASILY!!! | PS4 Save Wizard |

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Learn how to mod your PS4 games using this awesome app!

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Great video! About time bigger YouTubers cover this software!

Author — XDG


Thanks for sharing be honest I needed something exactly like this. 🤣
Going to purchase this app after I finish the LoU2 🤣

Author — Crypto Hawk


Defo buying SW now grinding too much with RE7 losing my patience..thank you for the indepth video TSB.

Author — Good Hunter


Many thanks mate, exactly what I wanted

Author — Mrp Legend


Hey bro, great vid for this app. Had the same game save issue when I went to buy this. Been using this all of last year. It's legit and works great. They normally update really quickly any new games and constantly have updates for regions, etc. Only issue is when Sony do an update, have to wait for them to update their software to be compatible with the new version. Highly recommended, worth every penny for having some great fun in games and saving a shit load of time! Always excellent vids. Many thanks as always 👍🏼

Author — Ather Mahmood


I'm trying to play AC:Odyssey again, but the leveling system is making it REALLY hard to enjoy.

Idk if I can justify spending 60$ to modify it yet, but maybe soon...

Between this and the Vita mod videos, im really liking you content TSB! thank you!

Author — Carston 101


Would love to see a Mod of a dwelling that is only accessible underwater (like a Gungan city). now that would be cool. I wish I was smart enough to be a modder myself, can some smart person consider making this?? please. looking out your windows into the depths of the Atlantic ocean or towards the coastline above you.

Author — Mike Remington


wow, so people beat Bloodborne with this lol

Author — Joeki11a


I used to use GameShark on ps1... Mainly with Armored Core... I use it to allow my thrusters to never lose energy or overheat... So I remain in the air the entire battle... Thanks for the video... I will be getting Save Wizard to enjoy some of the single play games that I have.

Author — Hutch Thomas Hutchinson


Thanks for the tutorial, I went ahead and got it, now I am in the process of getting familiar with it and making sure everything works. I have one question, which format is necessary for the USB stick to work? ExFat? FAT32? Thanks again!

Author — Guisseppi Tornatore


Does the profile thing mean I can't use it on a new user without a PSN account? I don't want to tie it to my main account because I don't want to accidentally unlock trophies that I haven't unlocked legitimately yet!

Author — DavijoMan


Would be great but they keep declining my card and there’s like 500 on there lol

Author — Brandon Schreckengost


Hoping someone can give me some information regarding Save Wizard's little IMPORTANT message once you get to the PayPal PAY NOW! screen. "This product is limited to 2 years of use. After this time, we may restrict or stop access." Sooo after purchasing this product you can only use it for 2 years? I'm assuming Save Wizard wants you to rebuy it in order to continue their services kind of like a subscription. OR could it be due to changes such as PS4 updates?

Author — Kevin Cherry


Thank you for sharing your knowledge to install & crack the aSc TimeTables, but you need to update it now because there is a 2021 version available now: you can get it here:

Author — Willium David


I definitely didn't know about this. Just bought one for my account! I'll finally see the end of Bloodborne!! Lol. Thanks

Author — Noble Cummings


Hey i was just wondering. I was looking through save wizard but they were all US game saves. Does anyone know if there are EU saves?

Author — Chow Chow


The beauty of internet is that you could go there and grab the codes to put in each game, so you won't need an action replay or a gameshark :) And now in 2020 what do we do? We make a software that require internet to work, and that you pay 60 bucks, to cheat games.
At times I wonder if we are going backwards... The whole point of internet was to find free stuff; and yet, there are people that instead decide to profit from things like this. That is totally legit... if you have the skill to do that; go ahead; although then people should not cry and moan when everybody else stop making software for free on github, and start to charge for what they make, since they have the knowledge to do so.

At this point I want back the old games magazines with the cheat section; at least it would entertain you for few hours reading it, for a modest 6 bucks a month and a CD with demos on it :)

Author — FCF


This is cool. I might use it someday. But it's a shame that something like editing saves and or having a game trainer is free on PC and has to be a paid service on console.

Author — Fast2Furious4


Hello friend, how are you, my pleasure? I have a question: the save wizard has already been updated for the new update of the ps4 fw 8.00? thank you very much

Author — Francisco Santana


Thank you for the PS Vita tutorials on you channel. It really helped me alot! Keep it up and I hope you reach 100k subs soon.

Author — John Rommel Guevarra