[HD] Amazing TRON Coaster Ride-through - Shanghai Disneyland

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[HD POV] A Full Low Light Ride-through of TRON Lightcycle Power Run plus Queue at Shanghai Disneyland. TRON roller coaster ride at Shanghai Disneyland. *Make sure to Check out our Channel for more Shanghai Disneyland Low Light Ride Videos. If you guys have the time and love to travel, definitely visit Shanghai Disneyland, it looks gorgeous in person.

***Note: at 2:55 mark, The video is edited at that part, so that it transitions to another Low light camera that we used to capture the dark scene in TRON.

Video recorded on 6/17/2016 during Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening Weekend

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Once again YouTube has showed me how fun the outside world I still chose to stay home

Author — Jay Pazare


Whole world: Stay Home

YouTube: Let me tease you with a Disney ride.

Author — Azim Banday


I was on first seat and it was so fast tear literally streamed down my face, also my effort on trying to smile made me look extremely creepy in the picture

Author — Kohipopo


What the Camera doesn’t show you is how fast the ride actually is-
I went on a ride before and I didn’t notice how fast it actually was
So from the first second I was on it
It felt like my brain was getting suctioned out of my head-

Author — Tiramisu Dove


For the people calling this lame, it's very clear you haven't experienced the ride yet because starting from 2:06, your entire face will feel like it's melting from the speed.

Author — ChthonicRemains


The ride seems really cool but the actual coaster itself seems underwhelming. Just a few short drops and turns.

Author — Dimitrios Giannakopoulos


"You know, we should do something with Space Mountain"
California Disneyland: Let's rename it
Shanghai Disneyland: Hold my beer

Author — ParallelLogic



Everyone screams in the same language, 😂😂😂

Author — Twicha Twich


Disney Space Mountain: “I am a very exciting indoor rollercoaster with 1970’s inter-galactic special effects.”
Disney TRON: “Hold my beer.”

Author — Alice Harvey


Me: I want to go so bad
Coronavirus: Are you sure about that?

Author — Benjamin Grant


My inner child: omg that's so cool.

My 30 year old eyes: omg I'm already dizzy

Author — Miss Mel


I can’t wait for this to open in Florida



Imagine having a job with your best friend dressed as Daft Punk jammin as characters on this ride

Author — hey dave dawson


That is so awesome!! we hope it comes to Florida and Paris, Also on another note if YOUR A HUGE TRON FAN don't forget to pick up the new LEGO IDEAS TRON Legacy Set 21314 because we created it and reviewed it as the fan designers and its so cool, plus will help support the digital frontier in LEGO, so enjoy and Welcome To The Grid Everyone :D

Author — BrickBros UK


They even added the Daft Punk music. Amazing

Author — B. Wells


Thank you for uploading this because my eyes were tightly closed the whole ride LOL.

Author — 徐天琪


They should have had this at every Disney world considering tron legacy is my favorite movie

Author — Bendy Beats


The before times were great, weren't they? I hope we can do this again some day.

Author — ed


For those of you who aren’t aware this ride is coming to the US I think in Disney world they have already started construction can’t wait

Author — Sazuki


Everyone was like "I can't go we on quarantine!" And here I am can't go even before or after quarantine because I'm too poor

Author — Nino Adan