Deaths spike on Mt. Everest

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Deaths spike on Mt. Everest 5
As more tourists flock to Mt Everest, seasoned climbers are venturing out to discover new mountains to scale.

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You have people dying due to hunger, mental health issues etc and than you have these people dying due to stupidity

Author — J North


It has baffled me how this many people would want to endanger themselves and their serpas in such a way. Pure ego.

Author — Flying Up


She is right because before trying for mountain like Mt. Everest they should try climbing in order to make them capable and independent if they face any issues while climbing. Respect and love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵

Author — patrick bro


If respect is not shown & given to the mountain & the Sherpas then accidents will happen .. those people should not be allowed to attempt the climb or any climb as they’re a danger to themselves & the people they’re climbing with .. Great video as well ..

Author — Eye Ball


RICH people trying to climb Mt.Everest... They are like babies having locals villagers carry there backpack... make their food.. etc... That's not what a real explorer would do !!!

Author — Evil Panda


Honesty Sherpas are always climbing the top of mt Everest but never shown much in mainstream media’s as only foreigners who climb will be featured in news and tweets mad respect to all these Sherpas without them no one could possibly make it to the top ❤️❤️🏔🏔

Author — Diana stuffs


It's like fighting the ultimate final boss at level 1.

Author — Vie


please, millionaires and billionaires, keep trying to climb Everest

Author — no gods no managers


As a retired mountaineer I find it gobsmackingly ludicrous that so many climbers want to stand in a 6 hour queue to get to the top of Everest. I blame the organisers of these groups of inexperienced people thinking its a "doddle" to climb a mountain. They are totally unorganised!

Author — Dennis Jeffs


Most ppl know the history of MT
Everest.. lol why do they keep coming, why why and they keep coming. Climb it. You have a death wish.

Author — Riley Gholston


Respect to Nepal Sherpa from Indian Sherpa 🇮🇳🇳🇵

Author — GOING Dark


It's just Darwinism, You just got to love that "climb higher" corporate tourism mentality, keep them coming baby
I love it....



Poor over worked sherpas.
Do thy get bonus when they carry down a dead body?

Author — allgoo19


She is beautiful. I wish her safety and prosperity on the mountain. 🙏🏼

Author — J James


waiting for a chair lift to be built... then I'll go

Author — MrUranium235


Nepal govt to earn easy money giving permission to untrained climber.. It should be stopped immediately.

Author — Dr Kamran Siddiqi


The line makes it look like Disney Land...

Author — zapfanzapfan


Humans the nastiest vilest things on earth, the demons met a clean montain and they left it filthy with their stinking demonic human diseased evil bodies.

Author — Queen Isis Aaphrodite. Veenosa


Tourists belong on Space Mountain in Disney World

Author — leafamania1


Ahh..they were having a tea party on

Author — kasih juliet