MMA - When talking trash goes wrong Ep. 1

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MMA - When talking trash goes wrong Ep. 1 4.5
MMA - When talking trash goes wrong ep. 1
Featuring: James Vick, James Gallagher, Amanda Cooper, Luke Rockhold

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That fake Conor McGregor wannabe is comedy gold 😂👌🏼

Author — Esteban Aguilar


Fun fact James Vick (the first guy) is on a 3 fight losing streak

Author — The New King


The guy with the Conor McGregor starter kit is priceless 🤣

Author — Colin James


"I'm back, and they're all foocked"

Author — Purple Hearts


Romero’s uppercut to Luke’s Dome is one of the best of all time.

Author — The Double Champ


Everybody got a plan until they get punched in the face lol

Mike Tyson

Author — Underground Chamber Muzik


That little Irish bastard is hilarious, sounds like a drunk dilusional man.

Author — Kevin Garcia


Everybody got a face until they get punched in the plan.

Author — The Seventh Great Seal


"I own the ground"

oh yes you hit the ground first...

Author — JackedHuged Man


The James vick talk didn't go well for him 😂🤣 he has 4 loss streak at the moment

Author — Landa 713


I think it's always better to be humble.

Author — it's true


Can't even pay attention to James Vick, Valentina Shevchenko is so insanely hot!

Author — 85inexact


1:57 . I know she'd beat the piss out of me but I would still get in the ring to have her sweat all over me. Maybe a butt in the face. Either way.

Author — Popeye Doyle


Her worst mistake "Imma bring in some 'high level' jujitsu girls." Hahaha those dont exist

Author — Big Gains


When you're a legend in your own mind and the world proves you differently.

Author — Heru- deshet


I could feel how thirsty Luke Rockhold was during that interview 🤣🤣

Author — Santos Valdez


The voice over when they’re fighting has me in cardiac arrest 💀

Author — Mass Shrooms


Love when ppl talk shit, biggest mouths fall the fastest.

Author — John Rivas


Any Irish kid doing MMA instantly think they can act like Connor McGregor and get away with it ahhahaa.

Author — T Hilly


Listening to the blonde girl I remembered the best Tyson's quote: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face! hahaha

Author — Carles Escobedo