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Earths Core - Full Science Documentary 4.5

There is a place on Earth that we have never seen. It is a place of unimaginable heat and pressure, where no life could survive. Yet without it, we would perish for it holds the key to our precarious existence on this planet.

2000 miles below the Earth's surface, there is a vast ocean of molten iron. The spinning outer core of the Earth generates a protective magnetic shield around the planet, defending life from lethal space radiation. But now there is startling data that it could be about to stop defending us. Naked Science is taking you on a journey to the centre of the Earth.

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I wish Jules Verne could have lived to see this video! His "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was truly a work of fiction! HA!

Author — John Donahue


I’m doing my school work this helped a lot.

Author — Dylan Bursaw


Im doin this for my science homework and it helps😂 thanks

Author — Katrina Susie


Next time i fall in love ill know better wat to do....

Author — Missy Nichols


Thanks for the upload! ;) They love fear-mongering...

Author — She-Ra Princess of Power


Pretty good documentary. Nice mix of eye candy, speculation and science fact.
Frenetic editing a bit much at times. 8/10

Author — Raul Rudy Munoz


Music drowns out the narrator I'll pass.

Author — Ranger Don


Science has no idea how many layers there are in the earth, they don't even know whats in the core. All of their "Theories" are just hypothesis.

Author — Morty Jr


molten steel down a hole ... yeah ok....

Author — nicomas2471


What would happen if we were to take all the oil out of the planet?.

Author — Hotrod Sonu London


Fear mongering, clickbait garbage. I lasted 1 minute

Author — Michael Bryant


The most annoying part of this documentary is how they neglect to mention the theory of why we have an unusually large iron core. It’s theorized that two planets shared our orbit after the formation of our solar system. These two bodies eventually collided to form our earth and the moon. The heaviest portions of these two planets sunk to the center of the combined planet while some of the lighter outer layers were ejected to create our decently large moon. Being almost a quarter the size of the earth (but only a sixth of it’s mass) some scientists think of the earth-moon system as a dual planet system despite the fact that the moon has been slowly receding from the earth at a rate of about one inch per year since its formation. That recession rate along with the rate of the moon’s orbit around the earth was much faster at first but has slowed due to tidal forces with earth. Billions of years out we would actually lose our moon if it weren’t for the inevitable death of our sun which will incinerate the inner planets during it’s red giant phase. Anyway, I understand that this documentary was made before the theory of the creation of the moon was more widely accepted as mainstream science but it’s still annoying that they glaze over why we have such a large, metallic, magnetic core...

Author — Mark Oroyan


We've never been there, don't have images from there....quite literally making stuff up. Why can't scientists admit they don't know something? Instead they just make stuff up....

Author — John B