Cat vs Wall of Toilet Paper. New Challenge!!!

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Cat vs Wall of Toilet Paper. New Challenge!!! 5
We’re making a wall of toilet paper. After each passing of the level we will raise the wall higher and higher until the cat can no longer jump over it. How high do you think this will end? New challenge!!!

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"How high can your cat jump?"
"Ten what?"
*Ten toilet paper*

Author — Montakim Shadab


~1:21 : he looks like he is saying, "You've got to be kidding me, hooman" :-D

Author — Moumanti Podder


Awee my cat likes to watch videos with me and she loves it when I show her cat challenge videos! It like she’s watch a cat sport or cat games!

Author — Hannah McCoy


When he decides to eat the paper instead😂

Author — Jennifer Tibbs


You can pinpoint the moments when Pusic is thinking "Seriously?" and then when he's thinking "Fine, human, I'll play your little game."

Author — J.M. Berenswick


A wonderful variant of Monty python's "confuse-a-cat".

Author — William Mielenz


Киса, надо рвать эту бумагу как Тузик грелку ! Кто в доме хозяин !!! 10.12.2019г.

Author — Александр Савельев


Don't come crying to me when you run out of toilet paper.

Author — Patrick Berube


Котик просто подыграл хозяину, а когда нужно- уже выход из положения знал...

Author — Антонина Степанникова


Biasa aja sih, tp bikin penasaran sampe lvel tissue ke berapa dia

Author — Cica Rizky Hidayat Tuloh


He is saying “you’re gonna give me food after this ...right “.

Author — Irine Gabrichidze


This is one of the cutest videos on youtube ever. Reminder everyone: be very gentle with your pets & they will 💖 you even more. Don't ever physically force your fur babies to do something. This video is a good example of a kind interaction.

Author — Earth Angels


Hi Pusic and dear friends. I help hundreds of stray cat where I live everyday. I drew a shelter project for street animals and I shared it on my channel. Please review this project. Your positive or negative comments will add me power. I wait your comments. 👏🌹

Author — Adorable Paws


Love tht he gave up trying to go underneath; even more so that he got to destroy it. Beautiful kitty.

Author — Leigh Stevens


wow, that was preety good evening. I wish I could spend time like that :)

Author — cizixap


Хахаха 👍🏻😂😂😂. Повеселили )))) обожаю вашего пусика))))

Author — Elena БК


Τη λατρεύω αυτή τη γάτα.Εχω δει σχεδόν όλα τα βιντεάκια της.Μπραβο σε αυτόν που την έχει.Κριμα είναι πολύ μακριά ...

Author — nektaria Karagiannaki


I bet Lil Bub can jump over this🙏❤💓💜🌈💓I loved this

Author — Liz Greenspan


The best part is when dad and catpusic together destroy the paper wall. This cat is a quick learner. Keep up the good work.

Author — Shivani Attanayake


Правильно, так тебе и надо, не издевался над котиком.

Author — Katherine Gherman