Cat vs Wall of Toilet Paper. New Challenge!!!

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Cat vs Wall of Toilet Paper. New Challenge!!! 5

We’re making a wall of toilet paper. After each passing of the level we will raise the wall higher and higher until the cat can no longer jump over it. How high do you think this will end? New challenge!!!

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You certainly would not be able to financially afford that experiment today

Author — Iben Subber


I love the cat's increasing annoyance at the wall. You can see him thinking, "Seriously?" as it gets higher.

Author — E3ECO


I laughed for 3 minutes straight when it tried to bite on the toilet paper.

Author — Tamás Tasi


That is the modern day equivalent of a wall made of solid gold.

Author — will speak until 1k subs


This guy must be a millionaire to afford all that TP

Author — Ed D


He had no idea he was wasting the currency of the apocalypse.

Author — Zakari 7-ONE-1


This costs several thousand dollars to pull off now. How the times have changed

Author — Asnia Kriptosis


I am here for the Corona toilet paper comments

Author — Bluegrasslaw


Imagine all those people who fought at Walmart for toilet paper, and lost. who are now watching this and cussing you out. Lol that's as funny as the cat.

Author — J59sheriff


Would you look at the opulence and luxury that the people back in 2019 used to live in. It truly was another time

Author — fragglet


вот почему у них закончилась туалетная бумага)

Author — Alexander Koval


When the cat bit it, I almost cried because that was adorable 😭

Author — TaZzY Smith


Карантин 2020, я начал смотреть деградационные видео с котами(

Author — Dip Sleep


All that good Corona toilet paper went to waste

Author — Wanderlust


I like how the cat measures the height and jumps with enough power to barely clear it every time
No extra energy is wasted

Author — Ostrid Everon


Так вот оказывается нахрена туалетную бумагу скупали!!! А я то думал...

Author — Алексей Локтев


2019: That's funny! I'm going to try it.
2020: What the hell are you doing with that toilet paper!

Author — glaciuscinder


Little did he know 4 months ago that he would be wasting a precious resource.

Author — NaNslx


Wow, who would of thought toilet paper is now a luxury that even money can't buy.

Author — Anita Tamez


People: Storing toilet paper due to Corona virus
People with cats:

Author — LycraLeo