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A powerful bass sound can be the difference between a good gig and a great one. Professional bass rigs can cost a fortune but what if you want the power without having to break the bank - perhaps the Laney Richter RB7 could be the answer.

We found the Laney Richter RB7 300W combo had a bright and punchy tone, although we reckon you'd need to add an additional 15 inch cabinet to really get that window-rattling bass power output.

The Richter RB7 is a great amp for the bass player who has learnt their craft and is now looking for the next step up - features such as an on board limiter and a compressor linked to the gain rotary are welcome features.

Conclusion: A great rehearsal or studio amp but would need the addition of a 15 inch extension speaker to really punch its weight in a live set up.

RRP : £359

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Hello. Have you tried the RB8? Is so how does it compare to the RB7 and which do you feel is better? Thanks.

Author — Bruce Armstrong


is the amp distorting or is it the mic?

Author — Ryan Bennett


Spilling drink into the grill? I just play mine on its side. Sorted. OK amp for rehearsal and small gigs.

Author — Paul Kindermann