ARMA 3: Malden DLC — New FREE Malden Official Map First Look!

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ARMA 3: Malden DLC — New FREE Malden Official Map First Look! 4.5

The brand new official FREE ARMA 3 map Malden is finally out on the ARMA 3 development branch. This map will be coming to all ARMA 3 users for FREE on the 22nd of June! What will it do for the ARMA community? I guess only time will tell, but this remake of an old ARMA map is a nice way to celebrate ARMA's 16th Anniversary! Thanks Bohemia!

Malden 2035 Free DLC Roadmap:

Malden CUP vs Malden 2035 Pictures:

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It's a very nice gesture from Bohemia to place Kiorys bushlurker monument object into Malden and commemorate his amazing contribution to the Arma 3 Terrain Modding community. He was the most helpful person to many terrain creators in Arma, looking for help and advice on the Bohemia forums, always there to offer a helping hand. If you've ever created or even just loved a terrain in Arma, then chances are that bushlurker had helped with that map somewhere along the line. He will truly be missed by many.

Author — Michael Swiss


Malden is originally from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/ ArmA: Cold War Assault. Map is a gem.

Author — otherworldly being


Malden is based on the Greek island of Lefkas, so it makes sense that they would re-use Altis/Stratis assets

Also compared to operation flashpoint, this island is exponentially larger as well as more richly detailed (those who played OFP know Malden is fairly empty)

Author — morgonfr33m4n1337z


Unboxing? Seriously? Only an Altis Lifer like you could actually suggest that. It'd break the modding and the serious community. ArmA 3 isn't about Wasteland and Altis Life, it's about tactical operations and milsim, it has always been.

Author — Algis


This map is like a weird love child between Italy and other regions.

Author — bojjee


Wow 16 years... seems like Arma is older than 75% of its community.

Author — zEternalTired


wait this is the map from operation flashpoint cold war crisis

Author — Ivan Simeonov


i dont know if its just me. But i whould really like to se a snow map, and some snow camos for soldiers/vehicles

Author — Oliver Martinez


I'd love to see a "classic" DayZ mod on this map... It's screaming out for it!

Author — magaz


I payed for the DLC, never really played on Tanoa, but I got almost a 1000 hours out of it, so I feel like its worth it

Author — Theo McReich


We need a snowy map, add like arctic camo and stuff.

Author — Charlie Tuna


Tanoa was/is well worth the money. The map is amazing, new weapons, clothing, vehicles, buildings, ambient sounds etc etc. What is annoying is that not enough servers play it

Author — Ma Boi Scotty


Arma 3 really needs a boreal map like Chernarus.
The CUP version (I think) of Chernarus has really bright green colors due to A3's lighting

Author — Arthur


Yay finally a desert/dry type of map. Just what Arma 3 needed. I will finally reinstall it and play it again!
Oooh.. oh wait.

Author — Bikaz9


I played Operation Flashpoint from 2003 to 2010. Map of choice was Malden....This is giving me the

Author — Elmer Casamayor


Woah Bohemia doing a free DLC release? Hold on let me make sure the pigs aren't flying

Author — KraithFPS


Ha, how can this map be garbage when it's the same map we spent so much time on in OFP and it's been hugely improved? Now if they would remake Everon with those gorgeous tall trees...

Author — TacShooter


im looking forward to it, maybe there is some KotH comming on the map

Author — Fabs4Fun


I got tanoa.
I like the map and dont get why poeple dislike it.

Author — SeñorExplosivo


Would be great if we got Nogova at some point from the Resistance expansion

Author — H4WK69