WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders

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WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders 4.5

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When you break into someone home, they have all rights to shoot you.

Автор — one one


Sleeping with his gun not with his wife. Son of a gun.

Автор — George John


You can tell he’s been waiting for this moment his whole life

Автор — Sloth Episodes


Holding a gun while sleeping? That guy has the wrong idea of “banging in bed”

Автор — Cris5598


He sleeps with a gun in his hand?

No wonder these two sleep alone.

Автор — GuyP


Jesus I can only imagine those two going to sleep together.

Wife- Honey, goodnight. Have your M1911?

Husband- Of course sweetie, got your Glock?

Wife- -*winks* i love you

Автор — Oliver Ribeiro


He sleeps with a gun in his hand like an American

Автор — Yoda


He has his own bed coz he accidentally shot his last two wives while having REM twitches.

Автор — wonderland78


I think this home is already intruded before, so just in case when the intruder come again, this couple prepare themself.

Автор — Eriec Tan


....he sleeps with a revolver in his hand and his ipad watching youtube?

So irresponsible - he'll drain the battery.

Автор — TheStrickland94


wait, this dude sleeps with a gun in his hand? That's insane.

Автор — Jaymanto


You see folks this how a strong marriage should work.

Автор — Z


It's a pity she didn't blast all three of them.

Автор — Daniel Glencross


“Yes I’m wearing underwear”

“Yes I sleep with a revolver in my hand”

Автор — d.mandoortiz


Wait a minute, this guy just sleeps with a gun in his hand loaded and not on safety? This is the most prepared couple I've ever seen. They even sleep in separate rooms to cover more ground 😂

Автор — spodose


When someone walks around like that so slow they aren’t there to just rob you. They know you are there and want to do you harm.

Автор — AldoSchmedack


They were ready this time. Sleeping with a hand gun, not a safe move.

Автор — James Paul


How are there even remotely thumbs down? This woman was so calm and collected. She looked like a trained police officer. She is a true badass.

Автор — gayle gomez


When you have to sleep with your gun in hand, probably time to move.

Автор — The Dollar Guy


"So anyway I started blasting"

Автор — Luis Gomez