WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders

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WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders 4.5

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....he sleeps with a revolver in his hand and his ipad watching youtube?

So irresponsible - he'll drain the battery.

Автор — TheStrickland94


How bad is that neighborhood if you have to sleep with a gun in your hand? Lol I think they were expecting trouble. That is why he woke up with a gun in his hand. Makes me wonder what they were into?

Автор — Charon Christ


good thing he fell asleep watching youtube and not pornhub

Автор — botcrack


Obey the Law, Respect Every one but, if any one invaded your house send them to cemetery🚪

Автор — Wise Man


I love how mine said, “this video has no sound.” as the loud intro played

Автор — and I oof


As soon as someone breaks into your home their lives are forfeit in my eyes

Автор — Guardian Bear


Who sleeps with a gun under a pillow? Man it’s time to move !!!

Автор — Heather Sutton


GOOD!!!! Anyone brave enough to break into your home is brave enough to take a shot! There’s no telling what these fools would have inflicted on this couple!

Автор — GravityFallz


And this is one of the reasons why i support the 2nd Amendment

Автор — kunstwerk fusion


Poor guys. Mistook this ladies home for their church they were headed to, to donate time helping the senior citizens

Автор — Legend 28


I like her. She does not play with low-life intruders.

Автор — John


The guy was watching youtube videos with a gun in bed?

Автор — Faizal Caba


This is South Africa you can literally get robbed at anytime of the day or night, its not acting its called being aware and cautious, for those of you who don't know what South Africa is like you wont understand why people arm themselves the way they do until it happens to you.its you or the burglars...

Автор — Darren Naude


Guy sleeping with a gun in his hand? Makes me wonder if this was a setup.

Автор — Nolberto Gonzalez


It's so much better to have guns at the ready to defend yourself, I made a mistake by getting two Doberman dogs, they completely useless the only thing they guarded was their dinner bowls, one of them actually left with the burglars.

Автор — Johnjoe Johnson


You break into someone's home and they have every right to kill you!!

Автор — Kevin Carter


Wish they got popped for doing something so stupid and selfish act like a bum live like one die like one

Автор — Duhreel


Right to bear arms to protect ourselves and what's ours!!! Yes! Awesome!

Автор — Cindy Do


wakes up with a pistol in your hand? Made for tv garbage..

Автор — Platinum


Job well done 👍 I wish they all dropped like 🐝, bless you all 💖

Автор — Rohinee Das