WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders

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WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders 4.5

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That man has been sleeping with his gun in hand, waiting for this ONE moment for his entire life!

Only to miss it entirely 😂😂😂😂

Author — hyp 417


According to their mothers, the boys were good kids

Author — d trump


imagine raising your kid and they decide to break into a home, mad embarrassing.

Author — Angel


Then there’s the people that say “that’s illegal, just call the cops”. Then what? Make tea and crumpets for the burglars while you wait for a squad car to roll up.

Author — Brandon Louis Sanchez


they sleep with their guns in hand.. is this mr and mrs smith?

Author — NOICE


If you have to sleep with a gun in your hand then it's time to move.

Author — Zeppelin L


Imagine being a robber and you hear down the hall "YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOO"

Author — Daniel O'Rourke


No wonder they sleep in separate rooms. They don't want to accidentally shoot each other.

Author — Bryan Pratt


They walkin 'round house like me tryna get a snack at 3 am

Author — Ski


She must've been in the military or the police. Her hand is SO steady, wow.

Author — Chizoba Okeke


The woman did an outstanding job staying calm and holding her position. She handled herself like a pro. The man was quick as well and did what he needed to do as she held cover. These guys were armed and prepared. GREAT job! They defended themselves against, what was most assuredly, going to be a violent attack.

Author — Angie Welch


He was sleeping with the gun in his hand? Damn he got it quick

Author — King Kryson


He gonna act like john wick, go bck to bed your moment is gone.

Author — Robert Biondo


If this happened today they would arrest her and call her a racist.

Author — Searat


Sleeping with his gun not with his wife. Son of a gun.

Edit: Thank you all for your responses.

Author — George John


I swear this man is co completely genius he sleeps with a gun in his hand all ready for anything it is amazing

Author — master gammwr teo fan


The girlfriend heard them like german shepard. She came out of there with purpose!

Author — Dorcas Rutherford


This is why everyone should have a firearm to protect themselves

Author — ?XCKBRUH gaming ¿


....he sleeps with a revolver in his hand and his ipad watching youtube?

So irresponsible - he'll drain the battery.

Author — TheStrickland94


Ammo must be at a premium. I would have holes in everything and everyone

Author — Ignorant Motherfucker