Trump addresses the nation after Iran attacks US military facilities in Iraq

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Trump addresses the nation after Iran attacks US military facilities in Iraq 4.5
Live Now: Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard reportedly launched the attack in revenge for Trump ordering an airstrike that killed top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. #FoxNewsLive #FoxNews

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How come Fox is the only one allowing comments The washing post NBC etc all comments are disabled Good on you fox for allowing free speech

Автор — Moker


Guy on the right is thinking “I hope the Iranian guy in my trunk doesn’t get out”

Автор — sylenceexposed


“If you value your own life, you should not threaten the lives of our people.”

Автор — Bean


'' We do not need middle east oil." That is wonderful in and of itself.

Автор — Peacock Feathers


I like it when Trump says".... BAGHDADDY!..🤭

Автор — Wally Wu


Grand entrance was looking like a wrestling match about to start

Автор — Ricch Da Don


I don't care how big someone's eyebrows are, leave MY SECOND AMENDMENT ALONE.

Автор — BURRCO 308


He doesn't sound like a warmonger and stopped escalating the Syrian crisis like Obama and Clinton. Here's hoping

Автор — Chris Cleaver


The only thing that would have made this speech any better was at the very end his last words were I have spoken

Автор — Daniel Sturby


Why are there ads on a Presidential Address? Fox News please remove them.

Автор — The Hermithood


Iran's funerals are more deadly than their missiles.

Автор — Brian Matthews


In the past 48 hours Iran has killed more Iranians then Americans.

Автор — Anthony Rinaldi


They don’t want no smoke

Don’t wake a sleeping giant!

Автор — Ryan Ellis


My ex: give me one reason why I should take you back
Me: 7:40

Автор — Khotso Kwayiba


35:45 is when it starts. You’re welcome

Автор — Shaw Eaton


I was kinda waiting for a
"X gon give it to ya" song
When he walked out.

Автор — Chris Jones


What happend to the "No Americans were harmed"? Trµmp lies continuously and his cult members are too dumb to notice it.

Автор — Citizen EU


I love how the media tries to make it seem like we started all of this. Pretty sure Iran started this tit for tat by killing an American contractor in an air strike ordered by Soleimani and he shot him and his boys down for it.

Автор — Jo Seph


They don't need Iranian oil because they found oil near the tectonic plates by the coast of Puerto Rico when extracting it causing the earthquakes to the island.

Автор — Kp Ft


Aliens be like "Yo, season three about to start"

Автор — Samuel Chen