Chemical Curiosities: Surprising Science and Dramatic Demonstrations

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Chemical Curiosities: Surprising Science and Dramatic Demonstrations 5

Professor Chris Bishop, presenter of the 2008 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, leads us through a spectacular tour of the curious, and sometimes surprising, world of chemistry.

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Superb, I think these lectures should be shown to children BEFORE they start formal chemistry lessons to make them WANT to learn. Excellent presentation and in a way that makes it easy for people to understand and enjoy.

Author — Mark T


I was gonna make a joke about sodium and hydrogen, but NaH...

Author — Sophia Solvett


Did not expect to sit here for a full hour and watch. Totally worth it.

Author — Jay Moore


Far better entertainment for children than going to the circus and get Clown-phobia.

Author — trefod


this is one of the best lectures i have ever watched!

Author — Franchesca Bachani


only ignorant fools would thumbs down this awesome video.

Author — Drift. OR


"Chemistry is the study of matter - but I'd prefer to see it as the study of _change_.  Electrons change their energy levels; molecules change their bonds; elements combine to change into compounds.  Well that's all of life! It's the constant, it's the cycle.  It's solution, dissolution, over, and over, and over.  It is growth, then decay, then transformation!"
- Walter White, from Breaking Bad (slightly paraphrased)

Demonstrations such as this were what made me fall in love with chemistry (and science in general) as a kid.  Sure, changing the color of a liquid is all nice and whimsical, but what really fascinated me was the fact that such reactions were not _magic_, but could be clearly explained and broken down into steps.

Author — StrunDoNhor


be aware some breaking bad spoilers down in the comments

Author — BadAssMacmillan


It is good to know that there are some YouTube channels that you can trust.

Author — Gary Hardman


This was the most beautiful video I watched on YouTube. Ah, chemistry is truly magical.

Author — Dunjii


All of Professor Bishop's lectures are fantastic. Both children and adults alike are just enthralled.

Author — TheIvalen


I want Kevin Spacey to demonstrate chemistry to my school...

Author — Jacob Gray


That definitely convinces me the rest that I want to be a chemist. I was already 90% sure but whabam i am totally sure. fanfriggintastic demonstrations, wish I could have been there personally.

Author — Rsaramallac


first lecture video i watched 50 min continuously. Didn't knew 50min passed.

Author — Asher Malcom


Very long lecture but didn't feel bored at all. Interesting experiments and very good presentation.

Author — Zalal Uddin


These kind of demostration and lectures for public and spevcialy for children let me have yet hope in humandkind. Thank you so much

Author — Ricardo Calderon Espejel


Almost positive this guy is color blind

Author — James Rogers


Great video, I remember going to Liverpool university Xmas lectures, in 1957-8, they were also very interesting and inspiring for a young kid. Nothing boring about chemistry, they must have inspired many a youngster.

Author — yyyzzzz


"Nitric acid also acts upon trousers." Glad you figured that out so that I don't have to lol

Author — 8 Bits


wow.this was just cool. bud also sad that this vid only got 950000 clicks by now.Very nice show Mr Bishop and thanks for the upload.

Author — Pittiplatsch