Analysis of the Modern 10-Pin Bowling Swing and Release 2 by Dean Champ

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Analysis of the Modern 10-Pin Bowling Swing and Release 2 by Dean Champ 4.5

This video was made using slow motion footage to analyse the modern 10-Pin Bowling swing and release. Areas of analysis are the starting position, crossover steps, the pivot step, balance at the line, the timing spot, dropping the ball inside, and generating power - which shows how the pro bowlers create high rev rates.

Bowlers featured include Wes Malott, Mike Fagan, Pete Weber, Bill O'Neill, Tommy Jones, Dom Barrett, Kelly Kulick, Jason Belmonte, Sean Rash, EJ Tackett, Missy Parkin, Osku Palermaa, Chris Barnes, Amleto Monacelli, Mika Koivuniemi, Diandra Asbaty, Chris Loschetter, Dan MacLelland, Diana Zavjalova, Cho Young-Seon and more...

Thanks to coaches Patrick Birtig, Jim Merrell, Mark Baker and Brian Voss and also a big thanks to Jani (jantukan channel) and others for uploading great HD footage.

Please Note: This video was created as a free resource intended for education and promoting the sport of 10-pin bowling, but it is not to be downloaded from YouTube or reproduced without permission. I make no money from this video.

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And to think, I used to get made fun of when I was a kid about my 'bent elbow - snap release' style back in the late 80's, early 90's. I was just ahead of the times.

Author — T.C. Hill


It's so useful when I teach my friend bowling. I can tell them what I mean easily by your videos. Thanks for your videos.

Author — 謝志昇


I don't know how I haven't seen this video until now. It's one of the best bowling videos I've ever seen and a magnificent analysis of the modern bowling style. And the musical accompaniment is absolutely perfect! Thank you, Dean, for this extraordinary production and contribution to bowling instruction!

Author — 1953nagarjuna


Dean, really great analogies you have shown. Have learned a lot from them. My spare shooting has really improved, plus, I am getting my old power strike back. Thanks very much.

Author — Senior Bowler


Thanks Dean! Amazing accurate analysis for the tenpin bowling, absolutely great job!

Author — Markku Hemminki


Excellent video! Got my son into bowling and we’re using this video as an example of the techniques. So much Better then how try explaining!

Author — Paul Villanueva


My favorite to watch especially when I start going into my slumps.

Author — Crafty Vegetarian83


this is an excellent follow up on the first video! i hope you realize what a tremendous learning tool your videos have been :)

Author — Sirhc Ortsac


This video helped me realize I needed to cross over on my 1st step. I just bowled a 675 series and won some cash. thank you

Author — Steve Scherer


I'm a bowling coach down in Mexico city and your videos are a great help to demostrate the right technic to the people I coach, thanks and keep on whit this great job !!

Author — Eduardo Paniagua


I'm"old school" as well as an "old guy" and I really like Kelly Kulicks game.It seems the most natural and unforced and she still gets a ton of power.If I could roll like her I'd be totally satisfied.But I've always wished I could roll like Amleto.I love that follow through.And for new guys.E.J.Tackett really gets through the ball.Lots of revs for such a little guy.

Author — Jeff Bear


One of the best videos on YouTube. The best edited, etc... bowling video easily. I learned more in this 13 min video than alm the other bowling videos combined. Thanks for the effort.

Author — S C


No doubt, well-done Mr. Champ! I re-visit this video when I feel like I am drifting from key behaviors that shape better bowlers. You created a great reference that I wish I had in 1984 when this journey began for me at Highland Lanes in Austin, TX.

Author — Paul Buschow


Love these!!! Thanks for putting this together!

Author — Tim Cerami


Very well done, I'm sure I'll be watching this several times to help my game.  Can't wait for the next part!

Author — Alan Co


Great job bro! I was studying and suddenly I finished in this video but it was worth it! haha I have no idea about bowling but this is good

Author — netOh StyLe


Thanks so much ~ now I’m going to rip shirt out~~~

Author — baseballman74


thank you finally a video helping me understand more about the feet position in comparison to there target arrow with release.

Author — Bull Bear Portfolio


Thank you Dean! New to this sport. Definitely learned a ton from an outside observation and direct perspective within my game.

Author — LowLifevL


Another great vid! Keep up the great work!

Author — E Clayton