Simple Gimp tutorial for retexturing mesh clothing kits in SL (part 1)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

This is a bare bones simple tutorial (without much detail going into the finished dress) to show quickly how the layers can work in Gimp for retexturing a mesh clothing kit in Second Life. Bear in mind of course that if I was going to sell this I would have put more thought and detail into it's design. (opposing belt color and lapel area etc) A "quickie" way to show how I use the shadow map as a layer to retain detail... This goes with my previous tutorial on production line technique.

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Thank you for your tutorials. Please consider making more on this subject. Would love to see a tutorial that goes from beginning to end, with all the steps in gimp. Most do tutorials with photoshop and I for one don't have photoshop. Thanks

Author — lilith 969


thank you for this video, it explains very clearly how to complete this process
your videos are helping me so much :)

Author — raynemoonunit


looks amazing
i was wondering on how to make proper stitching and bend textures either on some curvy belt or some thing like that and also how to do that on objects that will be added to the outfit lets say i made acuff or bulge or whatever then how to pend the texture on it in the right places and thanks for ur amazing tutorials

Author — hema standard


Thanks for this video, i racked my brain to find a way to make the AO map look more realistic when i change textures. Thanks !

Author — Jetime Love


Thank you so much, your voice is so calm and friendly, and tutorials so great!

Author — Imbolc


hi Zef -- omg I understood what you said and I did it -- ty ty .. Am brand new to this I appreciated how easy you made it

Author — Paula Brown


Zef, I am having a serious issue! The Shirt I am attempting to retexture is see through on the outside layer. the inside layer is the layer holding the texture. I can see the back of the shirt through the front but its backwards and vice versa. Help!

Author — Crystal Stevens


My Shadow/AO won't do "color to alpha" as that is greyed out and won't let me choose it. I have NO idea why and I'm VERY new to Gimp!

Author — Sharyn Lynch


What does it mean when you said you had to "anchor in" the fabric layer?

Author — S W