Living Failures [Bloodborne OST Metal Cover] (with tab)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Hey. Another metal cover strikes again. Hope you enjoyed. If you did - subscribe, because more metal covers are coming.

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Great song! Didn't watch the video (just listened) because I haven't seen this boss yet and I don't wanna spoil myself. :)

Author — Otzdarva


This makes the boss look so much more badass than it actually is

Author — Comrade Maethor


Ever since I heard this ost all I wanted was a proper heavy cover. Holy shit this was amazing.

Author — Chris Read


Dude, this was sweet! As soon as it hit the 2:53 mark I started air-guitaring along. Thank you for making my favorite track in the game even more badass!

Author — CrowofCainhurst


this is my favourite in the whole souls series and you made it more awesomer! keep up the good work!

Author — Bokono Pop


Dude... YES!!! fuck yeah this is one of ur best video's yet , loved the edit with the boss fight video's and instrumentally well there's nothing to say about it, i actually expected less cause dont really like the living failure's ost but u just didnt let me down, Utamaru keep the shit up, dis is merol af

Author — Ettor Aborted


I really like that you highlighted the chorus here 2:40 You never did that in the previous covers (at least I'm pretty sure)

Author — Seph Imaru


We Need some Laurence dude!, this was an awesome cover, PLEASE DO LAURENCE!

Author — Kursed Kreature


How did I miss this damnit, I love the theme and this cover just makes it even greater!!

Author — Inuzumi


that second phase was very well done, I just found your covers and I gotta say they are probably my fav when it comes to fromsoft cover music.

Author — kay chandra


Very nice! I don't usually like covers like these, but you pulled it off wonderfully.

__[T]| The sky and cosmos are one |[T]__

Author — Gwyndolin Best Waifu 2016


this might be old but what's that song on the credits? sounds badass

Author — David Brooks


Your covers are so good! Your channel deserves so many more subs and views.

Author — Nahaga


Damn right! Excellent song, great cover

Author — Captain Caedus


Splendid! Didn't hear this one before! You rock, dude!

Author — BoNZo Speechless


ayyy, you actually did it :) great cover as always

Author — The End


Dude freaking epic i love it great job.

Author — Shio Fox


Freaking awsome! You really deserve more subscribers :)

Author — Teemu Ohtonen


That second half is great! The first just takes too long without much memorable melody.

Author — Arcade Bretonneux


Ok guys, who's the one person who disliked this cover? -_-

Author — Omar Ramirez