CLA45s Designo Mountain Grey Magno Matte paint owners honest review and experience. Is it worth it?

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The honest truth from an owner of a matte car. Is it difficult or easy to live with and how does it hold up. Find out with my own personal car the 2022 Mercedes CLA45s AMG in Mercedes Designo Mountain grey MAGNO.

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This video features the CLA45s AMG which is one of the AMG performance versions of the Mercedes CLA. My car is the 2022 CLA45s AMG Coupe but you can also get the CLA45s AMG Shooting brake or even the A45s Hatch back.

The CLA45s gives you that great AMG sound from the AMG performance and also the luxury of a Mercedes Benz

This is the w118 Mercedes CLA. The 2022 CLA45s AMG

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Make sure to always spec the AMG performance exhaust!

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I ordered the regular mountain gray, because as beautiful as the matte gray is, the thought of getting a scratch or other paint damage terrifies me. I’m looking at full satin PPF to get the same look.

Author — T-rev


Ordering mine this week! Planning to get the Magno Matte also so really appreciate your video - looks incredible. I'll be opting for the ceramic coating but did you get a partial PPF also??

Author — Alex Drage


Just received AMG EQE with Magno and was wondering how smart that was - even though I, like you, take a huge care of my ride and the EQE will even get PPF. Thanks for great vid! Makes me feel much better about my choice. BTW - great looking car you have!

Author — Pavel Blažek


Nice vid again. Changed my perspective on matt look. Will consider in the next car definitely. Your car looks amazing. My GLA45s still doing great, amazed mini SUV with a performance engine. Btw liked your vid about paddle shift too…

Author — Lam Duy Duc Truong


Great video. Just speccing up my EQE (watched your review on that too….great stuff) and was hesitating over the graphite Magno finish. No doubts now 👊🏻

Author — Lawrence Epps


This is my dream car, im currently studying and i cant wait to work and get this beast! also new subscriber here, i very much like your content and absolutely cant wait for whats coming, also would you be able to do someday a video about general things you must know about cars and explain them for beginners, would really love to see that. good day Abauto!

Author — Rania Joumad


My SL63 is finished in Magno Alanite Grey. Beautiful colour, which I always loved.
Unfortunately, I scratched the rear arch when coming out if the garage. It's just a little mark, less than a thumb print. Here in the UK, there are only a handful paint shops that are Standox certified and stock this colour. Got a quote from two different shops, but they were close together at around £2, 000. Since they cannot match the existing paint perfectly, that need to paint tho whole side of the car in order to look good again. I don't think I'll bother fixing it.

Author — peter bratu


Id go for a matte PPF or satin wrap just for peace of mind

Author — Andrei


I've got the same magno paint on my a250 which I've had for over a year. I had the same fears about bird poo, dirt etc but it's held up fine no issues. In the end I got it ceramic coated for that extra peace of mind. I would highly recommend a ceramic coating as it makes drying/cleaning much easier!

Author — chilledson96


So jealous!. Booked in for ppf and ceramic coating, but as yet no car!!😂😂. Keep up the good work Adam!👍

Author — Tony Muir


if i could choose paint colour it would deffo be the matt grey makes the car look so good, looking after brillant blue metallic is hard work more because of swirling but does look really good in the sun 👍😀

Author — Steve BHP DEVON


Would you consider getting a wrap? Color match paint job?

Author — Alex Shooter


Great videos mate. I'm struggling to decide what to do. I'm wanting something bigger than my RS without the loss of performance.

Your car the C43 AMG and C53 AMG are on the shortlist.. I haven't driven any of them. Which one should I try first

Author — Jason


doesnt getting a full wrap of ppf around the underlying matte paint stop most scratches etc? and u just have to make sure to go to car washes that are compatible with ppf?

Author — Apex Gambit Investing


THX m8, nice vid...this makes me at least less scared ordering the mat grey....can't wait the car to arrive.

Author — David Thielemans


Amazing paint & CLA.. ChemGuys have some excellent products too like V07 (not for matt though).

Author — WuTang Clan


What an awesome car and color !!!! Thanks for your thoughts for the matte paint I just bought an GENESIS G70 matted gray and I wanted to see do all matte car owners has the same thoughts or only me 😂, well I did an ppf for my car will this save my original matte paint from scratches and bird poo ?

Author — Omar


Hi. I live in California, and it gets pretty hot here. Does leaving the car exposed to the sun, ruin the pain?

Author — Christian Bailon


Hi, great video, what about bugs? Do you treat as bird poo?

Author — Rabi Kiderchah


I have cosmos metallic black nightmare but still love it

Author — Philippe Fischer