After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News

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After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News 4
More than 30 years after Robert De Niro first encountered Grace Hightower at a restaurant in London, rumors again swirled about the couple’s relationship status. At the end of November 2018, the two-time Oscar winner spoke out and confirmed some of the whispers about his marriage.

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I can’t imagine any woman wanting such a jerk of a man. I wish her the best.

Автор — J I Means


He was quite an embarrassment during an international film awards ranting his hatred political views. It was “scary”! I stop watching any of his movies.

Автор — AkRaven2


She is an elegant woman and totally outclasses that schmuck.  She finally realized what a nut job he is and no doubt is an embarrassment to her.

Автор — Leeann springer


Just listen to his embarrassing loony rants. Loved the guy but no more. Let's not forget that these people are just actors. It's not like they're something useful like heart, brain, cancer surgeons etc. They get money for pretending. Only sucks give them sage all knowing status.

Автор — Roy Stone


He needs to walk away from the public who has had quite enough of the foul mouthed , despicable actor. He is washed up.

Автор — mj Rotondi


Well he acts like a total whack job...

Автор — l h


Allow this couple their privacy. It's really none of anyone else's business.

Автор — Lorraine Lavender-Sams


I think Grace is a classy decent and caring person, I think he has a monster inside him, hence the psychotic characters he played they're a part of him, I think Grace left because of his and Harvey's behavior that recently arose and the endless stream of victims, like I said, she's a good lady and didn't want any part of that, I don't blame her I applaud her....

Автор — sheltiepaws1


That’s what happens when your out worrying about someone else’s business an not taking care of your own business

Автор — William Knabe


Hate him now, use to watch all his films. Smart

Автор — Madeline Sabatello


What a waste of 20 yrs of her life!
He is nothing but a filthy foul mouthed, vile creature in the swamps of Hollywood 👹

Автор — Aussie Flag


We don't know why they split so don't judge.

Автор — Queen of Hearts Land of Joy


She now can live in peace. He’s a seriously disturbed man. He doesn’t deserve such a lovely wife

Автор — Melinda Macleod


They made two hate to hear when people break up. It's none of our business why.. as long as you remain

Автор — Lisa Bullock


Still doesn't excuse his horrible behavior towards our President Trump. I use to consider Robert DeNiro one of my favorite actors until I saw how horrible he ranted like a crazy man about President Trump, that's when I lost all respect for him. That's probably what happened to his wife, once you see someone you love act in such a way that is inexcusable you lose respect and then little by little it eats at the love you once had for that person. Then you've lost the person you fell in love with...

Автор — aking032962


Interesting, he played himself in his very first role, the cowardly lion.

Автор — Terry Esrom


What a jerk he has always been and got famous for using the f...k word 30 plus times in a movie but that is considered good acting in Hooyeewood.

Автор — Roger Quintanilla


Lol who cares??? He is a jackass that thinks he runs Hollywood & the US... I hope she takes him for A

Автор — Sandyat Thebeach


perhaps she has higher morals. if he's typically hollyweird, only God knows what he's capable of.

Автор — LG


I haven’t watched anything of his since his first rant about Trump.

Автор — letmetellya