After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News

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After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News 4
More than 30 years after Robert De Niro first encountered Grace Hightower at a restaurant in London, rumors again swirled about the couple’s relationship status. At the end of November 2018, the two-time Oscar winner spoke out and confirmed some of the whispers about his marriage.

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Lady in LONDON - I am so very sad to hear of this and we must only wish them peacefulness, no hostility or negative energy, They're not wicked murderers but decent people with children I hope this year God is good to this family

Author — Marie Gilmartin


Senior is a real disappointment! He should keep his mouth shut!

Author — J W Campbell


I guess I win and my African american wife will count 39 years this month just not man enough deniro want a piece of me ????.come and get me genius !....yes I'm talking to you !

Author — Geary Kunkel


Divorce or not, Bobby diNero is a great actor. Just ask him.

Author — DommoPA


I hope she takes this low life for everything he has. He is a real piece of work

Author — Mary Rogers


Just state they are separating and getting a divorce
There I just saved you 10 minutes

Author — Bruce Hartman


I can’t imagine any woman wanting such a jerk of a man. I wish her the best.

Author — J I Means


Well he acts like a total whack job...

Author — l h


I didn't know he was married. I feel sad for his beautiful wife having to put up with that jerk!!!

Author — V. Mendoza


That’s what happens when your out worrying about someone else’s business an not taking care of your own business

Author — William Knabe


I can't stand the robotic "person" narrating the video. It's enough to put you to sleep.

Author — Judy McGill


He's the best actor 👍no one can change that icon

Author — nouna noufa


Just listen to his embarrassing loony rants. Loved the guy but no more. Let's not forget that these people are just actors. It's not like they're something useful like heart, brain, cancer surgeons etc. They get money for pretending. Only sucks give them sage all knowing status.

Author — Roy Stone


This is the first time for me to know that my idol loves to eat overcooked foods!

Author — antonio rivera


Why do most of the speculated reasons all seem to be on Hightower. There was one or two things mentioned in there that didn't look great for him either. The fact is we don't really know so what's the point in bs guessing

Author — Stacy Coleman


Yeah me too, l loved him I tube godfather, but won't watch him or listen to him! Hollyweird is out of control! They're as bad as the politicians! Evil, liars, fakes & phonies!!

Author — winter jewels


She got tired of his mouth too! Just like everybody else in the world tired of hearing his He should have kept his mouth shut!

Author — gary glackin


She Probably got wind he was hangin with his buddy Harvey Weinstein and banging wanna be actresses

Author — David Trogdon


He was quite an embarrassment during an international film awards ranting his hatred political views. It was “scary”! I stop watching any of his movies.

Author — AkRaven


Hey guys mind your own f.... business, leave them alone . You enjoy watching his movies or not, so what the hell you are talking about .

Author — Zari Layegh