After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News

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After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News 4

More than 30 years after Robert De Niro first encountered Grace Hightower at a restaurant in London, rumors again swirled about the couple’s relationship status. At the end of November 2018, the two-time Oscar winner spoke out and confirmed some of the whispers about his marriage.

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Made his acting debut at 10 years old; and now in his 70s he's still acting as a ten year old. What a POS.

Author — SBn49 AJC


Just state they are separating and getting a divorce
There I just saved you 10 minutes

Author — Bruce Hartman


Never make a deal with "whatever" De Niro made his deal with. Only God can help this dude now!

Author — Kitty Watson


He lost his mind, class and talent a long time ago, she is as fed up with him as we are!

Author — Maria Kucinich


I hope she takes this low life for everything he has. He is a real piece of work

Author — Mary Rogers


I think this guy has some real problems

Author — willie willaims


Haha even his wife cant stand this raving manic..

Author — lora 1111


Kind of ironic. DeNiro is still acting like a 10 year old

Author — Jim Brown


she couldnt stand the old grumpy old man anymore . serves him right

Author — vincent gonzales


Thanks for the inspiration and the encouragement!!
1:54 💚💙🎬
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Author — Lucas Thompson


Thank you, whoever you are, for presenting an intimate view of HUMAN struggles without "pimping" the "race" thing. Yes, you did a wonderful job of showing the HUMAN side of their narrative and sticking with it. I do plead, however, if the producers of this fine documentary would give us the same insight to another bright light in his past many thought was a marriage in heaven: Diahann Abbott for some of us who go way back when with DeNiro. She was a beautiful girl who often stated in public her love for DeNiro. So what went wrong? Can you tell us? I might say that I'm really fed up to here with this "black woman" business. I prefer to think of a woman who HAPPENS to be "black." Thank you most appreciatively, whoever you are.

Author — Jay Young


I'll tell you why the narrows marriage is ending look at them look at what speed is out of his map nothing but hatred would you want to be married to a person like that real sick get help

Author — Suzanne Adamczewski


Hey guys mind your own f.... business, leave them alone . You enjoy watching his movies or not, so what the hell you are talking about .

Author — Zari Layegh


Why do most of the speculated reasons all seem to be on Hightower. There was one or two things mentioned in there that didn't look great for him either. The fact is we don't really know so what's the point in bs guessing

Author — Stacy Coleman


How anyone could be with him is beyond me. That man is crazy.

Author — Joyce Stanger


He’s not Italian he’s Sicilian..two different countries..

Author — Constance Smith


That’s what happens when your out worrying about someone else’s business an not taking care of your own business

Author — William Knabe


Looks like Trump is living life large and De Niro’s ex wife loves Trump - Whoa! No wonder De Niro is so very very bitter. Sad

Author — Victor Wiesner


He's a JOKE! she's better off. Who would want to be with a coward.

Author — William Eagle


I would rather  shake hands with a rattler snake, then to see one of de niro, films, after seeing him bellow at the democratic connention.

Author — mikey daniels