After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News

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After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News 4
More than 30 years after Robert De Niro first encountered Grace Hightower at a restaurant in London, rumors again swirled about the couple’s relationship status. At the end of November 2018, the two-time Oscar winner spoke out and confirmed some of the whispers about his marriage.

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I hope she takes this low life for everything he has. He is a real piece of work

Author — Mary Rogers


Why is everyone mad at De Niro in the comments?

Author — EmJay


I hate this guy.
Never see his movies.

Author — Sofia Tatman


I think this guy has some real problems

Author — willie willaims


I didn't know he was married. I feel sad for his beautiful wife having to put up with that jerk!!!

Author — V. Mendoza


She Probably got wind he was hangin with his buddy Harvey Weinstein and banging wanna be actresses

Author — David Trogdon


only thing I can say why did it take her so long to realise she married a bum has been

Author — rob wats


Just listen to his embarrassing loony rants. Loved the guy but no more. Let's not forget that these people are just actors. It's not like they're something useful like heart, brain, cancer surgeons etc. They get money for pretending. Only sucks give them sage all knowing status.

Author — Roy Stone


Started OFF YOUNG AND end it off like this !...What a way to spend the GOLDEN YEARS...TONS OF MONEY...

Author — Ms. Fancy


Because that freaks going to prison and she knows it

Author — Elwin Nordman


I love De Niro, but what goes on in his private life really isn't anyone's business.

Author — Gr8 Teagazr


Congratulations to soon to be ex-Mrs De Niro. Logically she had to get away from a demented asshxxle who is an embarrassment to himself and obviously Ms Hightower. Walk, don't run lady.

Author — Ron Intilia


I'll tell you why the narrows marriage is ending look at them look at what speed is out of his map nothing but hatred would you want to be married to a person like that real sick get help

Author — Suzanne Adamczewski


Its sad. She's an absolute doll. Great Mom too. I wish they could have made it through together again.

Author — Chris D


I hope she rakes him through the coals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Colleen McAdam


It looks like Trump's base has taken over this thread.

Author — Janita Poe


Abuses kids too. Used to be one of my favorite actors. Now, I'd love to just kick the shit out of him.

Author — Joe Yadron


You will move on and will find somebody young and be happy.

Author — Donna McDonald


Comment section full of salty Trump supporters

Author — Arian Rahman


Yeah he left her cuz he found out she voted for Trump