After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News

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After 20 Years Of Married Life, Robert De Niro Has Confirmed Some Very News 4
More than 30 years after Robert De Niro first encountered Grace Hightower at a restaurant in London, rumors again swirled about the couple’s relationship status. At the end of November 2018, the two-time Oscar winner spoke out and confirmed some of the whispers about his marriage.

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Boo hoo!!! Am I supposed to feel sorry for this jack A***, jerk? Karma come and get him more please

Author — Billie SG


He is a great actor, but a lousy individual. No class.

Author — Peg


Hightower is one of the great American dancers.

Author — SugarTomAppleRoger


How anyone could be with him is beyond me. That man is crazy.

Author — Joyce Stanger


I can’t imagine any woman wanting such a jerk of a man. I wish her the best.

Author — J I Means


He is a talented guy...but so was Lucifer.

Author — Champion Wiseman


What sad...good move Grace. Blessings.j

Author — J.A. Posadas


Serves you right. She probably got tired of you ridiculous rants

Author — Judith Boltz


Acting is an art like it or not ...he is a genius artist and if you don't know him personally, shut a f..k up .He provide entertainment for us .His personal life is private ..

Author — Zdena Maria


Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Maybe she got fed up with his TDS rantings

Author — Thomas Macken


He's an extremely talented actor.
But unfortunately an extremely dumb person.

Author — Roding Entandem


Haha even his wife cant stand this raving manic..

Author — lora 1111


He is a POS and is only good for maybe organ harvesting

Author — slackerman1967


Well he acts like a total whack job...

Author — l h


it takes you 10min to get to the point
this was so aggrevating to watch
I fast forwarded most of it

Author — You Tuber


raving lunatic! is she filing for mentally instability

Author — blah Newman


How could a beautiful woman want to be with such a Moron like Robert De Niro! OMG!! She finally realised that she can probably do better than a jerk like him! He is a very mean person and has lots of issues!!

Author — David Alphonse'


That’s what happens when your out worrying about someone else’s business an not taking care of your own business

Author — William Knabe


DeNiro is a bitter bastard and no longer a real actor. He’s just a hateful old man that lashes out at others to cover up his own true I no longer watch any of his efforts, mostly because he has truly become a hack....!

Author — rjmprod


He’s probably going to visit his buddy Harvey Weinstein

Author — Michelle Jones