Cuomo, Trump adviser in fiery exchange

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Cuomo, Trump adviser in fiery exchange 3
Senior Adviser to the Trump campaign, Boris Epshteyn, and CNN's Chris Cuomo engaged in a heated exchange over Donald Trump's birther comments.

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Cuomo was like Mutumbo in this interview lol.

Author — Wallaby so Crazy Ⓥ


FBI is still in with Senate on her email fraud

Author — Rita Lemen


Hey its Scarabies - would have been a good cast member in Goodfellas.

Author — Rodger Stone


Epshteyn is definitely one of the deplorables.

Author — Maria Sharp


This is what tough real reporting looks like!

Author — Kaye eme


Deplorable Lives Matter! Remember 9-11-12.

Author — Brad Anonymous


Do I like or dislike this video?

Author — Zach Couch


I love Chris Cuomo, true Journalist:)

Author — Treamell Lawrence


Cuomo needs retierment your done dude its done over

Author — John Fasano2


Boris...hahahahaha you got owned. Love Chris, he is knows his stuff, and does not let people get sway with crap. Thank you.

Author — Liz Frolick


they want the soundbite for a comercial

Author — Because it's current year


what on earth will the talking heads talk about once the presidency race is over. Oh I know, they'll talk about what a great job Trump is doing as a president.

Author — Victoria Cotton


Good work Cuomo. Without questioning like this, candidates can say anything they want and get away with it. Let's see more questioning like this - especially about policies.

Author — Ryan Blything


Deplorable Donald's campaign adviser Boris the Russian.

Author — none


It's NOT done because his campaign and him don't want to own up to it. It's NOT over because he needs the black vote. It's NOT over because if he were to admit it it would piss off his base and hateful platform that's gotten him to the position he's in now. That's why he won't admit it and that's why it's NOT done. No matter how many times his "mouth pieces" speak for him. Btw I find it really sad and pathetic when a man can't speak up for himself. Shameful!

Author — Sammy B


Oh Boris! *Facepalm*

Cuomo: Give me one example...
Epshteyn: What does it matter...

Trump does not apologize or admit when he is wrong. It's simple. How many times have you had to see Katrina make a fool of herself on TV because Trump didn't want to acknowledge or apologize for stupid shit he said

Author — jidf32


We need to hear the other point of view too.   guys I am telling you Hellary looks, talks, acts and sounds just like my ex wife. She's nasty, bitter and hard to swallow like cold French fries. Oh and all the lies OMGosh... 8 years of more of satan ! help us defeat it ... her !!!

Author — No Censorship


I love America government president Trump’s first choice campaign

Author — Nejamul Hoque


This is leading up straight to the debate next week when the moderator will ask him point blank to acknowledge that the president was born in the US. Will be interesting to see if Trump sticks by his assertion or keeps up his weird game in the name of saving face.

Author — Kyle M


This is a dead horse. Keep trying CNN, people are so tired of this bs.

Author — Christy Carlile