Biden's struggles drive Dems deeper into panic

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Biden's struggles drive Dems deeper into panic 5

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, weighs in on the Biden vs. Cuomo shift in the Democrat party. #FoxNews #Hannity

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Biden’s brain is social distancing from his mouth.

Автор — norskyg


The only progressive thing about Joe Biden is his Dementia.

Автор — tom thorn


This is elder abuse, it's not funny anymore..

Автор — Anthony


The debates are going to be the greatest television in history 😂

Автор — Orangeokie7


How does his family not tell him it's time to quit. How can he be backed by anyone?

Автор — CK Aitken


His wife should take him away to avoid embarrassment it’s getting cruel.

Автор — 24jkerr


My grandmother had Alzheimer's for years before she died. When she first got sick it started exactly like how Joe is now. They remember some things from long ago, have a hard time remembering anything recent and they are just confused all the time. This man should NOT be running for President.

Автор — Steve


The Democrats are despicable running this guy out there.

Автор — American made


Even when he's looking down reading his script they wrote him he's lost. He needs to retire.

Автор — Lasna34


I'm Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

Автор — WUSTL7


*Biden : Senator for 35 years, VP for 8 years.*

*Pelosi : Been in political office since 1987*

*Both blame Trump for America's problems*

Автор — MakeWolfe123 CryAgain


"I'm Joe Biden, and I am the Vice Senator of the United States."

Автор — Q U A T T R O


"Im Joe Biden, and why are these people standing in front of me?"

Автор — Mxracer6y


Whenever he’s totally confused he just says “Look!”, Years of corruption and arrogance mold the brain

Автор — hotatp


The dems have successfully “eaten” themselves

Автор — Baker Vinci


Someone on his staff should just tell Biden he served 8 years as the President, did a great job & now he’s retired! I’m sure he’ll feel great about himself and just walk away, never to be heard from again.

Автор — Jason Burden


Biden is more confused in his own home than he is on the campaign trail.

Автор — hookalakah


He SHOULD BE feeding pigeons on a PARK BENCH, yet here he is, the Democratic Presidential nominee? All he needs now is HILLARY as a running mate!

Автор — Exposing False Teacher Renee Roland


"I'm Joe Biden and I forgot this message."

Автор — LindaStevensBZ


I like it when Joe gets angry. Hes like Yosemite Sam.

Автор — music guy