CBR900RR vs CB900 HORNET ENGINE - Will it fit?

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So a little bit more progress is happening with the Erion superbike replica.

As the BIG engine will still a longer process, I'm putting together what I call an "interim engine". A later model CB900 Hornet engine, with a 900RR head on it.

00:00 - Welcome
02:13 - Heads off
05:06 - Compression ratios
07:23 - The subtle differences
09:41 - Choosing the right tap
11:51 - It's in


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Author — HoonTV


Top work Mark, you really need to back burner everything else and just work on 900’s 😉

Author — IanDoohan


I know new bikes are crazy fast. But the 90's stuff is good. Carbs sounds great, the power is useable on the street yet still brings excitement. Plus I think we develop a likening to era's we grew up in.

Author — Frankenstein's Garage


Mark, did you ever look deeper at what is making the piston lower on the Hornet engine verses the 900RR? Wrist pin height or rod length?

Author — Speedfreak740


Memories, it was impossible to ride a hornet without doing wheelies 😁

Author — huski300


Nice work brother just shows we have a newer avenue 100% for engine replacement

Author — Gemidrift


Hello there!
Will the engine side cover be the same??
Will it fit from a cbr to a hornet??
Thank you!!
Great video!

Author — Alex Detisin


Will the rear wheel require spacers or anything to make the sprockets line up perfectly or did they happen to line up without any modifications?

Author — Jake Kelch


I like bikes. Especially odd ones like the VMax and the Rocket 3.

Author — Rad Dad


I'm also fiting this engine to my sc33. How did you fit throttle body? There is colision with TPS and frame

Author — rapas66


I've just blown up my hornet 9 engine and my nate has a bent fireblade would the engine fit ok in the hornet frame I assume they are similar

Author — Luke Cowell


Can’t wait to see the finish product on your Nicky build.

Author — Nostalgic_Motorsports96 _


why not retain the fuel injection? great vid btw thanks

Author — Andrew Johnson


Es posible colocar un motor de CBR1100XX en un chasis de Fireblade 92/99?

Author — Estudio FP


If i can make a 1996 919 fireblade engine fit in a cbr 400 it should fit no problem check it out on my channel madness 😂

Author — Gary Ryan


How often and how long are your shed therapy sessions?

Author — Stuart Matheson