Thundercats 2011 clip 1 - Lion-O learns to use the Sword of Omens

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First clip from the new Thundercats series.

King Claudus (voiced by Larry Kenney, voice of the original Lion-O) teaches Lion-O how to properly use the Sword of Omens.

Thundercats 2011 (c) Warner Bros. Animation

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"Let me show you what it's capable of in the proper hands" Said by the original VA of Lion-O. Still give me goosebumps.

Author — Sodium Chloride


Back in the days where cartoon Network had it all in the bag. I'm hoping one day they can make a comeback

Author — living legend


Thundercats: ROAR is a abomination compared to this and the 80s series.

Author — Sean VS


The western cartoon makers just cannot make any decent teen cartoons anymore. Thundercats 2011 looked so good

Author — octapusxft


This could have been cartoon network's equivalent to Avatar if they didn't cancel it cuz capitalism.

Author — Big Bawlz Lebowski


Show was legit, could have easily been legendary

Author — patrick lacey


How did that dude take in what the bigger dude was saying while dueling him? I wouldn't have gotten a word, because I would have been busy blocking the attacks

Author — Ro Man


As a kid who didn't know anything about the old Thundercats I loved this show!

Author — Tim Tam


0:32 One of the coolest scènes in cartoons ever. Got a semi just thinking about it

Author — kanaal die ik niet meer ga gebruiken


Thundercats 1985 and thundercats 2010 were good show but Claudus should have been showing the sword of Eden easy on his son Lion o

Author — Arthur Hill


How did continuing this got sided for Thundercats roar, I’ll never know.

Author — holitinne


U see these furries are not offensive there badass💯💯💯

Author — Lvnxtico Pr


I so wish they would do a live action thundercat movie. well let me see here, if they had the right script and the right kind of people that actually play the characters part then who knows for sure. The movie can turn out fantastically amazing.

Author — Shawn Eldridge


That old cat has lion o ‘s voice... yes ?

Author — SpinLock


These 2011 cats have weak muscles... they need some milk!

Author — Fernando Muniz


السلام علیکم
غلام دستگیر نیازی
جڑانوالہ فیصل آباد پنجاب پاکستان
پاکستان ذندہ آباد

Author — DK Niazi


This series, WE NEED NETFLIX TO TAKE IT SO I CAN REWATCH IT!!!! I missed like, two episodes and I can't find anywhere to watch the series.

Author — Zach Olpin