The Earth is Definitely Not Flat

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Anti-science mentality is rampant in this day and age, and one of the more peculiar aspects of this trend is the current fad that is the Flat Earth model. There exists a group of people who believe that against everything we have come to learn throughout the scientific revolution, the world is actually flat, and the center of the universe. That's not all, there's a big cover up, with NASA, and all the governments, like some real sci-fi stuff. Let's go through some of the talking points of this model and see if we can deconstruct it, shall we?

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Professor Dave went from teaching kids-teens about chemistry to teaching middle aged men basic astronomy

Author — Zipfy


when you breathe the atmosphere and not the atmosflat

Author — amongus_pvp


Let me guess, you're also looking for angry flat earthers

Author — AlliedAnchor


I used to think the earth was round, but then I did my own research, and I still do.

Author — Citizen of Nowhere


It is so fun to go back and watch this first beautiful and clear flat earth video in Professor Dave's playlist done in the innocent and friendly style of his other pedagogical videos. To future people: watch the gradual progression of Professor Dave on this issue as he butts heads with the flat earth and pseudoscientific community, particularly during the COVID era. It is like watching the Great Cthulhu awaken from its long slumber. It is beautiful and terrifying to witness in its own right as Professor Dave eventually just takes the gloves off and pummels relentlessly with Science.

Author — Thomas Gutierrez


I kinda appreciate flat earthers only for the fact that I've learned so much more about the earth when their stupid theories get debunked

Author — Jtucker18Videos


Huge respect to professor dave for doing this and not going insane because of the stupidity of some humans. And even more respect that he still answers stupid comments

Author — Radioaktivman


The fact that we're living in a time where we have to explain this science and continuously have to debunk flat earth nonsense is mind-blowing to me.

Author — robbie bloomfield


I’ve probably watched this series a million times over, but I still find myself coming back to it. It’s easily one of my favorite series on this platform, hands down.

Author — SaLo


Ancient people could debunk these flat earthers.

Author — JoinPsye


- Your documentary about the Flat Earth has received an international movie award.
- What award?
- The Golden Globe.

Author — Антон Брилев


The fact that this even has to be explained in this day and age is insane.

Author — will3890


I have said this repeatedly. There is no need for science in order to prove the Earth is not flat. It's plain and simple, and true. IF the Earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now. Just ask any cat owner.

Author — Reb


When I was a teenager I was like a joking member of Flat Earth Society, not because I really believed the Earth is flat but rather because I just found it fun to try to come up with increasingly convoluted means of explaining phenomenon on a flat world. I had no idea for years that people really believed this shit.

Author — Olive Takahashi


I used to be a flat earther. Then I turned 3.

Author — PigIA


Asked a flat earth women if she'd like to dance. She said no because she refused to believe we were at the ball.

Author — Yes 90125


I watched this guy in my sophomore chemistry class and now I watch him disprove flat earthers for fun?! I’m not sure how this happened.

Author — Reagan Franks


It's legitimately sad that even with the advent of a learning tool like the global internet, scientists have to waste their time explaining basic tenants that have been known for hundreds of years

Author — Hank Kingsley


It is shocking that anyone should have to explain any of this, since the reality of the Earth's spherical shape and axis is easy enough for a layman to explain. In any case, there were some scientific facts here that I didn't know about, so it was definitely worth the watch!

Author — Künstlerin-DAB1995


This is an excellent video, so lucidly explained. But to me the big mystery is why there are flat earthers in the first place and why the movement has grown. There is some social / psychological phenomenon going on which I don’t understand and honestly it’s frightening.

Author — Robert Thompson