Divorce | Why.

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The point of this video is to share my story. I have my experience to offer and hopefully I can help someone with it. I NEVER planned to make this video. I was hoping that he would change and it would be a point of time that was simply passed by. But with 3.5 years under my belt with it, it's becoming clear that it's not changing. MAYBE this video will help him if he sees it. I could only hope. In the meantime becoming an advocate for other people in this situation may be the best (my boys included… they've seen first hand the effects. My hope is that they can help others too).

Sending all of my love!

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I'm not sure how I came across this video...but you are such a gorgeous person inside & out! I just love listening to you speak, so strong but amazingly sweet. 

Author — Megan Parken


Never stay with liars, cheaters or abusive people, but most important

Don’t be one😝

Author — Game Shot


I been dealing with this same addiction for the last 20 years with my ex-wife. She told me she's been using our whole relationship and that got me thinking how much did I really know about her and I realized I loved her potential more than I loved her.

Author — AZrael


I felt you when you said "he chose the substance over his family" that opened an old wound, with my dad.

Author — Nadia Ceja


My dad was an addict throughout my entire childhood, I lived with him at one point when I was about 12 and I'm still trying to heal from the abuse and trauma he put me through. I'm glad you're protecting your kids

Author — Ashley Garcia


I'm here policing comments, making sure no one is being rude ;) to my soulmate friend, and I'm so happy to see the support :) I think this will help you too, to see that you aren't alone, as well as others to see that they aren't alone.

Author — Megan Megan Carr


Shortly after the pursuit of a relationship with the last woman I fell in love with fizzled apart I tried recording a video about it while sitting on my bed. Not far into the video I broke down crying laying on my side. I posted the video and someone actually replied saying “I’m sorry Boyd that it didn’t work out with her”. Then I deleted the video and I didn’t have the original video. I wish I had left the video up.

Author — Boyd The Goofball


Thanks for sharing your testimony, someone needs to hear this 😭 and you're Mommy and Daddy is your strength.

Author — Love Child


You’re a sweet, pretty, intelligent woman; the whole package. I can’t understand how he would let you go, much less not being there for his children.

Author — John Ellsworth


Still relevant in 2019. Continue to live your best life Beautiful. Thanks for being so selfless and sharing in your season of pain. Blessings!!!

Author — Ms.Chelle Latrice


I listened to your story and my heart ached for you. I applaud your courage. Not only in getting away from him, but also posting this publicly and letting other women hear your story.

Author — Emma Downey


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feeling's. It certainly helped my friend go through her divorce while watching your story. Truly an inspiring person you are!

Author — Archangel 1404


Addiction has nothing to do with anyone but the addict. It makes them the best liars, and not much more.

Author — Katherine L. Wince


I came across your channel because I’m searching for “leaving Lularoe” videos and then I here I am two hours later on video after video about your ex’s drug abuse and divorce stuff. Clearly we have lots in common and I’m so glad I’ve found you! You’re so brave for speaking up and giving other women a voice and allowing them to know it’s ok to speak their truth of what’s happening in their lives! Love your videos so far! I’m glad to see you’re very happy in the place you and your kiddos are today! ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Author — Jaderia Frieze


Thanks for sharing your story. It is really difficult but it's very helpful for people who went through/ still going through similar things.

Author — Align Your Life TV


This video was made 5 years ago, it's April 2019, and this is in my recommendation.. Of course YouTube knows I'm so damn nosey - thanks!! No matter how old the video, many woman (fortunetly not myself) can relate. I'm sure you're doing fine, you seem like a strong person. Either way, I hope all is well with you and the kids. Thank you for this video.

Author — Leilani


I am going through a Divorce and typed in Divorce Vlog when I ran across this...Sweetheart I am so sorry, I have tears in my eyes for you as I watch and type this . When you loose someone to addiction, it's worse than loosing them to death because of the vicious cycle of having your heart ripped out of your chest repeatedly. I left someone that I almost married because he chose addiction over being in mine and not what still keeps you up at night... I pray for your ex husband, that he doesn't loose sight of why he call his self a man and he gets sober for his self and your kids... Wipe your eyes love, God has a plan... Always remember that...

Author — TamTam Vercher


God bless you, girly. I'm so sorry you've gone through this... I pray you're doing better after all this time.

Author — Brittany


This really did touch me. I plan on making a video dedicated to you @candidmom! Stay encouraged mom! You got this! 💜

Author — MUA Angel


Sounds like he's in his addiction big time. Ugh! It's so hard.You sound clear - stay strong! Hope it's better now.

Author — Shasta Justice