Arya by Asvape & Ohmboy OC | Dual Battery that Supports a 30mm

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Great review! You are the only vaping channel I still watch, simply because you are both an entertainer, as well as just really down to Earth at the same time. Rather rare to still find these days.

Oh, and just one thing: not sure where exactly you bought it from, but I live in Belgium, and at one point some regulations had changed (must have been a few year already at this point), and if I recall correctly, that is when suddenly every device I either bought from a store (although I rarely did), but also the ones I purchased online (I only imported mods from European online stores and quite a bit from the UK when they were still a member of the EU and thus no customs fees applied from there at that time) simply always came with this huge warning on every box saying it contains nicotine.
Maybe I knew at some point why exactly this was suddenly changed, perhaps from a change in European legislation in its en entirety so that it was "trying" to prevent from selling any vaping device to minors (or maybe just to be covered for liability in that regards, or something alike) ... anyway ... it indeed obviously does not contain nicotine, but I am just saying that this became probably simply required as the result of some weird legislation (change?) at some point. I have seen it on literally every mod I purchased from some point on. I really think they are just complying with that, and that is all there is to it. Somebody correct me if I am wrong though!

Have a great day everyone!

Author — polyrhythm


Thanks Jai I am always checking the voltage output on any mods I am thinking about buying. And that's because of you. And you have saved me from buying some low voltage mods. Thank you for that.

Author — steven belmont74


Always love your honesty and real review, very much appreciated Jai, much thanks bro

Author — bud_cool_ford


Temp control vaping is awesome if you’re mod (chip) does it properly. Too many companies did a lousy job with their mods TC performance back when TC was popular and killed that style of vaping.

Author — Mike D


Last mod I remember that held a 30mm but I owned was the Smoant Cylon I think? That was years ago though! I think he made it center fire cause he’s left handed (people complained that the Rage was more suited for left handed people), and this one works for both? Good review man!

Author — xScumLordx


Ya know what I think...there is a need for more dual 18650 battery squonkers. I have many 21X single battery mech and reg. squonks but a dual 18650 regulated mod is, I feel is the tits. By the way... Brie, hey... My Topside duals either failed or the battery door crapped out. Any whoo... you are keepin' real, honest and entertaining. As far as dual 18X, I gotta bucket full. Hopefully SOMEONE will make an innovative dual 18650 squonk, I'm in.

Author — MRmoofoo2you


@8:58 when you talk about how you stopped talking about voltage actually you taught me about how that's important and it's the first thing I look at spec wise when buying a new mod. Thanks to you I know. I think you should start talking about it again and call out these wimpy mods

Author — Stan Riker


Yeah I just bought the Lost vape Centauras quest squonk mod kit and got the wrong kind I ordered the blue pearl fish and got the croc one but still a good device I was a little upset but still worth the price keep up the great vids

Author — Twizter Deangelo


I think the Evil dildo supported 30mm too and it's smallish, but the gloss paint is atrocious though haha.

Author — Rafa Allegretti


The "evil dildo" was a dual 21700 and I believe could manage a 30mm

Author — drip vape


Atleast you are one of the few tubers that doesn't spam cheap and fake China ads all over the place🤙
Keep it up dude!

Author — xXBam BamXx


Im From Germany and ilike your Reviews alot. We dont have so many different devices in Germany and in a few months Vaping is dead maybe because the Goverment has decided to tax all liquids with or without nicotine per milliliter. That mean in middle 2022 1 liter base cost 200 euro and in the beginning 2026 400 euro. Ihope that they change it because in the end its to expensive for the most vaper in germany. But i will watch your videos in the future too^^ (and sorry for my bad english)

Author — Fenris Karvainen


Jai that was a great review per always... Hope that u are doing great bro...hope you are enjoying that beautiful weather right is like zero degrees where I am right now... Lol...Hey at least u can ride all year around now...💯✌😃

Author — Voidman


I use temp control while vaping California gold carts (thc) (ceramic coil).

Author — Anthony galto


What up brother. Once again appreciate the review. 👍🏻

Author — BOOG


Im thinking your confusing the name with the Aria Fujin Mod and the Aria RDA's. Only Mod I have that support 30mm are 2 mech tube mods

Author — Zipos Hernandez


Hello my friend, Mike from Uk, love love love your videos. Need little advice. My Vaporesso Revenger is dying, and on a budget, so in your expert opinion choice out Smok D Barrel (No Tank, No Battery) I have already a Melo 3 Mini to go on, and batteries - Vaporesso Swag II with NRG SE Mini Tank Kit (I have had this kit before, very good) - Vaporesso FORZ TX80 with FORZ Tank 25.... Thank you very much :))

Author — Michael Loveridge


Hi! I like your honest rewiews. Have you heard anything about Caveman Mods? They are making some nice mechanical mods! I would like to see a review from you because I trust your opinion. I am going to turn 55 in May and thinking about getting one for a happy birthday to me birthday gift 😉
I would like to see a review from you on it please 🙏
I am talking about the "Double Blade" from Caveman Mods.

Author — Martin Gignac


Hey bro, I wanted to order some lost recipe from ur site. Was wondering if ur still operational with the usps situation and all before I launch the order?

Author — DavidPhaze


The only times I've ever seen someone use temp mode is when they're vaping cannabis products

Author — Austin