Taylor Swift - happiness (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “happiness” – off her evermore album.

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing happiness (Lyric Video). © 2020 Taylor Swift

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her lower range is GOLD...idk why lower ranges are never appreciated enough...it is very difficult to sing in lower registers without sounding like a whale having a seizure....she sings beautifully it feels so peaceful listening to her....I love her!

Author — Shruti Sambhavi


Lyrically this is the best song she’s ever written. It captures a moment in time that no other song I’ve ever heard does. Hope and pain all rolled up in one .

Author — Crystal Clark


This is her most mature breakup song ever, it's a great example of the emotional growth she went through in the last few years.

Author — Florence.


"I can't make it go away by making you a villain."

true maturity.

Author — Nguyen Nguyen


This song is great display of how it feels after a relationship ends. Doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship but any.

Author — Liv


I firmly believe this is about Abigail. Taylor said in the Apple Music interview that this song was written about a friend who had ended a “life-altering relationship.” Abigail is her childhood best friend.
Abigail and Matt had known each other for 7 years (I guess it’s the price I pay for 7 years in heaven). There is strong evidence that the two have divorced, including Abigail changing her surname back to her maiden one on her social media accounts and deleting all posts and pictures that have Matt in it. The two have also unfollowed each other, and Matt also unfollowed Taylor.
Fifteen was also written for Abigail, and there’s a line in there that goes “Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind” (After giving you the best I had, tell me what to give after that).
The line “All the years I’ve given is just shit we’re dividing up” strongly implies a divorce rather than a break-up, in my opinion. It seems to describe a property settlement, and all the other negotiated divisions of possessions and rights that occur when divorce is sought.
The fact that this song seems to describe a divorce, combined with all the sprinkles of Abigail-related hints and Taylor’s statement that this was written about a close friend’s ended relationship, makes me believe this is about her. But of course, it’s all speculation. It could be about a divorced friend of hers that we don’t even know about.

Author — Tuddy


Other artists: I’m crying

Taylor Swift: Now my eyes leak acid rain on the pillow where you used to lay your head.

Author — sopp


Normal people: we broke up
Taylor Swift: across our great divide, there is a glorious sunrise
If you see this, Taylor, I love you. Just in case, I might never be able to say it in person.

Author — Inez k


I was listening to this album while cleaning and just putzing around my apartment, when I realized why I love Taylor. Her songs give us permission to just sit with love, as it is in that moment. She’s there during the losses and celebrations, the could haves, shouldn’t haves and regrets. Her words stick because they aren’t “romantic”, they’re real and she is growing alongside us. That is music, and that is what connecting to an audience is. Her stories also are mine…she’s my friend, and I grew up with her. Still am. That is why she has her loyal fanbase, and why her critics will never understand.

Author — christina catalano


Popular opinion: Taylor’s low range is gorgeous

Author — jimjam


I know this song does not commonly resonate with many people but it hits me hard. Being in a great love and being separated, not because of the wrong person or the wrong time, but because the path of life takes you away from each other. Even when you're aware of it, it's already too late. You can't blame them, you can only blame yourself, for your peace of mind. Modern music doesn't come across this concept often. It's usually one bad, toxic person to blame, one bad decision to learn, or one bad memory to forget. You can't do that, because it's THE great love that no one can deny. You can only hope it's going to be alright, the pains and the bruises will eventually fade; And when it's time and you're ready, love will come to you as brand new as ever.

Author — Charlotte Trinh


everyone is talking about how sad this song is, and it is for sure! but I think we also need to acknowledge this positive message of moving on, making happiness, but still not blaming the other person. she's acknowledging how happy he used to make her, and saying that it's okay, and she'll be happy again after him. that's beautiful

Author — Grace Wheeler


“All you want from me now is the green light of forgiveness
You haven’t met the new me yet
And I think she’ll give you that…”
My favorite line on this spectacular song. Reaching that stage of a heartbreak feels like a hug and pure peace. Realizing you were able to truly forgive the person you had to let go of even when you loved them, and also forgiving yourself. It changes you for the better. No more anger or sadness, just you, healing.

Author — Belén R


This is why I'm so scared of being vulnerable with people because you show them all of your hiding spots and then they leave and it just breaks you

Author — T. C.


“I was dancing when the music stopped”

I was still in love with you even though you stopped loving me back!

The metaphor. ❤️

Author — Anqita Roy


I hope Taylor realizes that the reason happiness isn't played more is not because it's a bad song, it's because we cannot go about crying our eyes out every day.

Author — Pranjal Borse


my friends are all crying over driver's license. they haven't heard happiness by taylor swift yet.

Author — jEoGiYo nOonA hOkSi nAmjA cHiNgU iSsEoYo???


"who takes my spot next to you.."

the entrenched pain & jealousy in her voice gets me everytime.

"no i didn't mean that sorry i cant see facts through all of my fury..."

just wow.

Author — so i just listened to...


Years ago, she wrote a song about her best friend's first heartbreak in high school and now she wrote another song about her divorce... 💔

Author — cinema


"after giving you the best i had, tell me what to give after that"

Yes ma'am i'm crying.

Author — Hana Naurah Khalilah