Expect a Bank of Canada rate cut in December: Capital Economics

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Expect a Bank of Canada rate cut in December: Capital Economics 4.5
The Bank of Canada did not cut rates Wednesday, but it trimmed its economic growth outlook for the next two years. Stephen Brown, senior Canada economist at Capital Economics, says the central bank is becoming much more dovish and he's expecting it to lower rates in December.

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That's OK, we can always sell off our gold . . . Oh what? No gold reserves?

Author — Itsa Dependu


The liberals spent all the money sold the gold reserves. The next 10 years will be extremely expensive and there will be a recession beginning to take shape

Author — Naughtyponygirl LX Foxbody Notch


Isn’t economy going to balance yourself same as budget? That’s what Justy the People Kind Griswold said😂

Author — Zdenek Niederle


It means that the cost of groceries will continue to rise for the next few months

Author — Roger Plested



Author — Harry Garry


Keep inflating goods and lowering wages corporations love you slaves

Author — Box Addict


Economy is in the toilet but let’s bring more diversity - Trudumb

Author — Libertarian Revolt


You will have to pull polozs finger nails off before he drops interest rates.

Author — Dirty Burger


Playing with interest rate is just lazy. If there is a hyperinflation, investigate which variables cause it. It is very clear there are loopholes that have been abuse.

Wholesaling, foreign buyer, refinancing, money laundrying, hoardering, no strict rent control, low free capital gain period, no innovation to make building cost cheaper.

Weak governance, using top-down approach without understanding the bottom. Be pragmatic not idealistic. Idealism is for a baby to dream on.

Student visa is being abused to enter the country, asylum being abused by opportunist, outdated infrastructure being taken advantage by hackers, weak border being taken advantage by smuggler.

Canada means villages and literary full of educated peasants who are too idealistic with identity crisis.

Any leader will prioritize national security first. Don't be a hypocrite, if u care about people then go spend Ur time volunteering.

Author — AKEWSD


Thought it had nothing to do with currency as long as its not affecting inflation at home.

Author — Eddy Winata


Bloomberg is as much a Liberal lawn as the CBC. Same people wanting to push for 100, 000, 000 people by 2100, it is very much a globalist entity

Author — brandon banks


the whole world is going into the toilet but lets not up set the banking industry with lower interest rates as they need the money

Author — plantboy100


Surprised after the turd getting back in power their not up like his dad did...

Author — Lee Mack


Meaning Trudeau's Chickens have come home to roost.

Author — Raya


Canada has no independent monetary policy. The Bank of Canada does whatever the US Federal Reserve does. The fiat Canadian dollar is based on the fiat US dollar, which is based on nothing.

Author — Thomas Jefferson