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If you want to get better at color grading you have to be color correcting. Remember to always color correct first in Premiere or Final Cut using whatever tools that work for your workflow and then color grade after.


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Last week to enter the giveaway for the Fujifilm X-T30! Best of luck 🙏

Author — Matti Haapoja


While I was watching this vid I suddenly remember that I'm color blind ..

Author — fLayN


The answer to your initial question is "no". This is why I clicked your thumbnail:)

Author — Snowboard Na Siedmiu


Hey Matti, here are some tips that can add to what you recommended. Hope they help. Tell me what you think:
- Use Adjustment layers so that you can visually see in your timeline what you have done. Also by using one big adjustment layer and cutting it in-between clips AFTER you corrected 1 hero shot, means that your sliders/values will already be adjusted and if you need to make 1 minor correction, you don't have to move 10 values or copy paste the effect every time and change it.
- (For Grading especially) Set these Adjustment layers to 50% opacity. This has 2 benefits:
1. If you're in a hurry and you don't want to tweak each individual slider to bump your grade effect, you can always turn up that opacity from 50 to 60. Before you could always go lower, but not higher than 100. (obviously this is for your own grade with multiple effects, since the Luts already have this kind of slider)
2. If you are a perfectionist and want to tweak values (like curves) by 2 pixels lower or higher, having the opacity at 50 means that those 2 pixels become 4, so it's less finicky when you do this with a mouse.
- If you want to mess with colors for a grade, be sure to grab a JPG of a "color card" (google it), or better yet, shoot one on your location and add it under your grade. You can visually see what it's doing to the colors and it's a nice reference to keep until you make your final export (at that point you remove it, obviously)
- Don't underestimate the Original Three-Way Color Corrector Effect from Premiere. It is not obsolete, as they call it. It's pretty much the ONLY effect that has color wheels that let you determine WHAT IS a shadow and WHAT IS a highlight through sliders. Furthermore, it has actual numerical values that you can even keyframe: When I'm going for a look I always bump my color to the max, so that I can see if i'm nailing it in the vectorscope, and then take the value from 100 to like 20, while the Hue remains the same. And before Premiere 2019 it was also the only tool that let you De/Saturate Highlights, Mids, Shadows separately (again those Highs and Shadows being determined by you as you liked). And for people that don't have Colorista, I think this can help them more than the default Lumetri wheels.

Author — Toasted Synapse Gaming


Matti, would you convert SLog footage to Rec 709 before you start color correction?

Author — Blunt Producer


Matti you should totally do the old intro again just for funzies

Author — Philip Reber


ok now we need a LUT with Ansel's scale built-in

Author — Жизнь в Австралии • Family Vlog


That Ronin-S in the background though! Love having mine all pre-adjusted for the body/lens combo.

Author — Dave Symonds


Color correcting/grading is my achilles heel. This was awesome... super helpful! Thank you!

Author — Spoonful of Imagination


Hello, I’m new here, hope to learn how to improve the colors in my films.

Author — Ciekawe Ptaszniki


Why I'm always late when it comes to giveaways 😭?

Author — Acharya Sashank


That was a really good tutorial Matti. It was easy to follow. Showing the zoom ins of the wheel/scope your working on was a nice touch.

Author — Matt Smith


You're very good at color correcting / grading! I always like the look of your footage ;)

Author — Lionel Junior


I started following you when you first made a video about colour grading. Full circles Matti. I've grown so much because of you. It's epic 😍

Author — Rishi Modak


0:45 *ill link down below*
link down below *nothing*

Author — ErexEm


I’ve been dreaming with the X-T30 for a long time now! I wold really love to have one and shoot some amazing footage of my beautiful country Uruguay! 🇺🇾. Thank you Matti for your videos, they helped me learn a lot!

Author — M.Gasteasoro


Perfect timing Matti, just newly entered trying to learn this stuff!

Author — 23rd Sentry


that was one of your best tutorial!
it could be nice if you show how to work with davinci resolve also
thank you again!

Author — דוד בר סלע צלם


I really love the movie "The Fall" by Tarsem Singh, but I can't find a color grading tutorial anywhere on Youtube that discusses how to do a hyper saturated look like he gets in that movie. Could you do a tutorial on that? Thanks

Author — Willy Minnix


There’s a three way colour correction feature in Premiere. You don’t need colourista

Author — Tony Shi