Intermediate: 10 Techniques to Master

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I bet your students are amazing violinist with you as a teacher! Patience and Perseverence is the key for success. Thank you !

Author — Terry Armstrong


Thank you Joy for making this video! I was really expecting this serie. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! You have no idea how usefull it Is for many of us around the world.

Author — Sofia Winkler


I don't think i could've summed up what intermediates need to learn any better than you have, nicely done. Very informative, I'm sure these players will learn a lot from your video should they discover it.

Author — Just xIGoldenIx


I, and Alot of others, can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and for all of the information that you give us and, and, and . What you give is truly limitless and we all appreciate it .
Thank You

Author — Russ Corbett


thank you so much as always!
happy practicing:)

Author — can't remember my name


Professeur très souriante, dynamique et précise dans les conseils techniques pour obtenir le meilleur de ses élèves ! Félicitations pour tout ton travail et ta première place dans le classement de cours de violon de niveau avancé ! Bonne continuation !

Author — Géraldine Bouzenard


Thank you for all your videos and all the information you shared with us Joy! They are really helpful!! You are a great violinist and teacher, thank you!! 😊

Author — Judy Lo


Amo seus vídeos.e ti vê. Muito simpática.🕊️

Author — Adalto Dos Santos


Thank you for the tips. They were very help in helping me to gage what I needed to improve on in my violin playing.

Author — Blake Adams


I don't even play the violin and I love these videos.

Author — mushthepig


I'm tired of seeing everyones full and luscious/clean bow hair.

I need a visit from the rehair-fairy

Author — Theodoric AC


Thank you so much for your videos! I am finding them very informative & helpful! They have expanded my knowledge on playing techniques & clarified some issues I've had with playing. I appreciate the tips & instruction! : )

Author — BeccaRoodleRoo


Thank you for sharing. Used to play the violin and this is a great refresher to get back into intermediate playing.

Author — Judith Simanton


Oh and please I really need this I don't really have a violin teacher so please help me out, I am an intermediate student but with no teacher I am not improving, but keep up the good work

Author — Newness Adejori


Always enjoy your videos, Joy. Thank you!

Author — Musilesson


very excellent joy ! thank you so much !

Author — s m


Joy, do you have an advanced techniques video?

Author — Erica White


Thank you Joe..your video help me alot to learn Violin...

Author — Mohamad Aziz Kamil


What kind of studies ( etudes) books can you recommend to practice these techniques?

Author — Lisa Zheng


Thanks Teacher Joy... I really really learn alot from ur YouTube content... Wish I can learn personally in ur class.

Author — Kam Rin