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10 Best Places to Visit in China - Travel Video 4.5

China, the gateway to East Asia, is a fascinating country. It is an ancient civilization that gave the world Peking Man, gunpowder and noodles. Visitors making their first trip to China usually stick to the larger cities. More experienced visitors to the Middle Kingdom will strike out in other directions, where traveling may be a bit more frustrating because of the language barrier, but most definitely doable for independent travelers. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in China:

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i love chinese culture, food, history..
someday i wanna go this beautiful place.
love and respect from japan ♡

Author — マーフィ


I wish one day I'd be rich enough to spend one year touring China. There're so many beautiful and interesting places to visit. When I was younger, my parents took me to tour many Asian countries but gave China a miss. I think it was because at that time, China was not so developed yet. And foreigners still thought China was dirty and had many beggars going after tourists.

Author — Dot Merah


China is the most geographically diverse place in the world, from snowy mountains, hot deserts to deepest canyons, and much more else

Author — Jake LIN


I went to China this year, including Xi’an and Hangzhou. I still can’t believe it. It was breathtaking, inspiring, surreal. I want to go back.

Author — Eve Wilmot


In my dreams i want to travel
1. China
2. Korea

Author — Longkhoeurng Loung


if you ask a Chinese, the ranking wouldn't like this. At least, ShangHai won't be in the list. If you ask a Chinese about Hongkong, 80% would say it is city for shopping. Nanjing, Chengdu, Yunnan province can be suggested to travel as well.

Author — Bohe Bingbing


Amazing Beautiful CHINA...
God bless CHINA.

Author — Robin Aswinata


外国盆友们心中的top10😁, 然而中国有太多太多地方都美到极致,无可复制,这些地方只能算冰山一角,也许一个人穷尽一生也不能看遍中国吧,不服气的同志们一定会问:我熊猫呢?我吐鲁番呢?我张家界呢?我华山呢?我西双版纳呢?我亚龙湾呢?我纳木错呢?我呼伦贝尔呢?我朝天门呢?…………………………………………最后我想问,我赞呢?

Author — John Luv


That's why so many Chinese overseas missed China so much, I think the Europeans got the same feeling.

Author — 九初


🇨🇳 china is a beautiful country 😍 love from 🇮🇳 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 india ❤

Author — Chhabi Mondal


Actually there are many more nice place in China.. many many many more. Retire in China is the best. Travel around ..

Author — Gabriel Ong


Also the high mountains, the ice world, the desert, etc. Think what you want to see before going to China.

Author — No Nime Ah


Really great list. I've been travelling in China for the past 3 months and still don't feel like I'm anywhere done with seeing it. So much diversity in it's geography, people and cultures. Would love to be able to go to Tibet at some point - although it's an expensive tip for most at the moment!

Author — Slightly Off The Beaten Track


I have been to so many cities in China. This is a great video. I hope I make my own soon. China is so amazing.

Author — Zenbeach Traveler


Why should everyone visit China at least once?

Apoorv Saxena, National security analyst at Quora
Answered Mar 7
Personally not against Japanese and Koreans but I recommend that if you are planning to visit one of the above two, you'd be better off in China.
China has the western modernization of Japan and SK while having natural resources in the western part. Ot has mountains, forests, dessert and developed cities like Beijing and Shanghai.
What's more interesting is that racism is almost negligible in China unlike South Korea and Japan where one is very likely to face racism.

Lee Dargon, Chengdu at Sanyika Shakur
Answered Jan 11
Because China is so beautiful!!
There are many other delicious foods!
China is safe
People are friendly.
China has a history of 5000 years.
So you can rest assured to travel.

Al Allington, lived in Cedar Springs, MI
Answered Mar 7
China is an amazing country and filled with kind, friendly and welcoming people.
When I first traveled to China 6 years ago my friends and family couldn’t believe what I was telling them and revealing in pictures. We in the US hear so much bullshit, misinformation and so many slanderous lies I understand why most Americans don’t really view China in a positive manner.
Here is news: it’s a very safe county. China is safer for Americans than America. Really. Their cops don’t even carry guns. They don’t need them.
The Chinese food you eat in most of China is nothing like the Chinese food in America. It good and where we live it’s very spicy with fresh garlic, ginger and hot red peppers in many dishes.
They actually have plenty of religious freedoms despite what you have heard. We have a full gospel Christian Church near our home, a Catholic Church near our home and a larger than life statue of Jesus in the Yangtze Riverside Park just down the street.
The Chinese people love America and Americans. They don’t necessarily like our politicians who threaten and slander them but most of them love the rest of us. The Chinese pay a premium for anything Made in USA.

Author — Simple answer 4 you


I will visit this great country next april with my family. I expect to enjoy it a lot. It looks so beautiful everywhere.

Author — MrGralop


This makes me want to visit China all the more. Nice vlog! You inspire me to do the same! Love from the Philippines 💕

Author — Out n' About By Paul Gerano


Good video but you forgot :

Author — Saad More


I went to Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, walked the Great Wall of China, and visited Hong Kong. I want to see more places

Author — Jon Paolino


Amazing Places...Great China🇨🇳
Love and Respect from Nepal 🇳🇵

Author — Prabhat Sah