winter makeup look

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winter makeup look 5

Tycho - Awake
Hammock - Andalusia
Helios - Cross the ocean


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Step One: Be beautiful without makeup

I dont know what I'm doing wrong but I can't do this step

Author — Cosma-Chiva Pennick


Why is nobody talking about how perfect she got her eyebrows? Seriously.

Author — Sophie Guy


The music in the background was a little disturbing.

Author — FetusBoner


can we all take a moment to appreciate her eyebROWS

Author — Anjolina Baptiste


finally someone who does blush on there nose XD. I always do that but nobody else seems to do it...

Author — lauren elise


nice makeup but I think you should of cleaned up the maskera that was on you eye lids 😊

Author — Kaitlyn Garcia


I think her makeup in this video was beautifully and artistically done. She takes care to make sure every detail in her work is done to her perfection standards and because of this and her own creativity, she has done a beautiful job doing her makeup. I applaud her and her beautiful art.

Author — Savannah Anderson-Howell


Stop commenting about her application being messy, she's not a beauty guru or something xD let her be

Author — Alva Johansson


You kinda look like Melanie Martinez in the thumbnail.

Author — Phantom Foxy


What is wrong with all those haters. I LOVE HER MAKEUP SHE HAS THE SKILLS.

Author — glowrillaz


I like your hair! :D I had the same colors before but with purple fading into pink :3

Author — Moa Murderess ENG


My brother and me were watching this nd he didn't know what was up your nose and I have a septum too, (I keep mine hidden around family)!but he doesn't know lmao. I showed him that we can move it up and down and he's always asking me to do it now lol

Author — Vannessa Hotchkiss


she looks a little bit like melanie Martinez. please do a melanie martinez look

Author — Airam Ruiz


I love it ❤ I think people should stop being so mean. You look perfect.

Author — Sophie King


I love ur videos and ur beautiful with and without makeup on

Author — Ally


Guys stop arguing about her makeup!

She is perfect in everyway possible. It doesn't matter if there is a mess on her eyelid. It doesn't matter if her application is messy. It doesn't even matter if her eyeliner is irregular!

Author — Charlotte Cohen


Can I ask what camera you're using for this?? Thank you!! <3

Author — Mary Seraphina


That's so beautiful!
Can you do a video for have a white and flawless skin like yours?

Author — hellofromhell


everything besides the mascara was really, really great. it just looked spider leggy and it got everywhere

Author — Autumn Hodge


I really love this look, especially the eyeliner and eyeshadow. I just think you should have chosen a different mascara, one that didn't have such a "spider leg" finish to it. Also it kind of messed up the beautiful eyeshadow work you did. You could have just scraped it off once it dried, or wipe it away with one of those blending brushes! Besides that, and not letting the eyelash glue dry, I think this is a stunning look with just a couple of little flaws. Practice makes perfect!

Author — Tiffany Cherish