Why The Roman Invasion Of Britain Was Beneficial For Both | King Arthur's Britain | Timeline

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Why The Roman Invasion Of Britain Was Beneficial For Both | King Arthur's Britain | Timeline 4.5

Francis Pryor examines the history of Britain near the end of the Roman occupation. The first instalment focuses on Britain under Roman rule, revealing a much greater degree of collaboration with the natives than was previously recognised.

Sheep-farming archaeologist, Francis Pryor, presents a historical series which explores Britain A.D, the British national character and the ultimate British icon King Arthur.

Finding new and previously unexplained evidence, Francis Pryor overturns the idea that Britain reverted to a state of anarchy and disorder after the Romans left in 410 AD. Instead of doom and gloom Francis discovers a continuous culture that assimilated influences from as far a field as the Middle East and Constantinople. Through scrutinising the myth of King Arthur to find out what was really going on when the Romans left, Francis is confronted by evidence that confounds traditional views of the 'Dark Ages'. There was also no invasion of bloodthirsty Anglo Saxons, rampaging across the countryside. With new archaeological evidence Francis discovers a far more interesting story.

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Anybody else watching all these documentaries during quarantine?

Автор — Kailon Londberg


Note to advertisers and YouTube; if you keep interrupting what I am trying to watch, I will carefully avoid your products. Too many interruptions and I will just move on.

Автор — 104thDIVTimberwolf


Cadbury castle huh? No wonder it isn't there anymore, I bet it melted centuries ago... I'll let myself out.

Автор — James Dunn


Waiting for a time when his kingdom needs him again... right about now would be splendid.

Автор — Miss Informed


Besides the aquaduct, sanitation, the roads, irrigation, medicine, education, public baths, law and order, the wine. What did the Roman's ever give Britain?

Автор — panzerabwerkanone


The setup of this show is a bit crackpot. No one assumed that the Romans wiped out the Celtic British culture. The Anglo-Saxons took care of that as well as they could manage. That said, the Britons were a late addition to the Roman empire but there is evidence that they had started to assimilate just like the Gauls in France. There is a monk that visited Britain just around the time that the roman legions where withdrawn and he says that the people in the cities spoke mostly Latin whereas the people in the countryside still spoke Celtic. The problem that the Romano-Britons had was that they had relied too long on the Romans for protection so when that protection suddenly disappeared they were at the mercy of their more barbaric neighbours and were struggling to create new armies and local rule. It seems that during this time they invited some Anglo-Saxons as mercenaries to help them fight against the Picts and other tribes on the fringes of post-Roman Britain, a decision that severely backfired on them.

The evidence shows that during the (probably quite brutal) Anglo-Saxon conquest the Roman towns and cities were abandoned for decades if not centuries as the Anglo-Saxons did not live in them at first but built new settlements close to them. This is why Latin culture didn't survive in Britain like it did in France.

Автор — faarsight


*Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.*

Автор — Tom Bombadil


If he says as an archaeologist just one more time I’m going to impale him

Автор — Dr Alan Blacker


1:51 You're not supposed to straight up declare that you intend to work back from your conclusion if you want to remain credible

Автор — Oliver Moore


"Now all this would be fine, if it weren't complete rubbish!"

Love the sass in that line.

Автор — iwant ursocks


Seems like Arthur is a little late considering what Britian has become these past couple decades.

Автор — Silmarrillion123


This is billed as an incredible history documentary. Incredible is right. Essentially, Dr Pryor can't bring himself to believe that a "strong society" could have been overwhelmed and destroyed by purely military means, or by barbarians. This is a reflection of fashionable cultural equivalence and antimilitarism. According to this doctrine, all cultures are equally worthy and military means never work.

He neglects the many times in history it actually happened. Crete was overrun by the sea peoples, Mycenae by the Dorians, the Romans by Goths, the Eastern Romans (Byzantines) by Ottoman Turks. And so on. The evidence for the almost complete extirpation of the Celtic Britons by Germanic invaders is overwhelming. Their language disappeared completely wherever the invaders settled. Only in Wales did anything of their spoken literature survive. Paganism replaced Christianity for a time, requiring re-conversion nearly two centuries later. Almost nothing of pre-invasion law remained. Some local customs continued, true, but only those compatible with the invaders'. The art of writing all but disappeared. The very pattern of cultivation changed radically. Towns simply vanished - perhaps because the trade they facilitated was lost. There are almost no textual sources for the period 400-650, making the term "Dark Ages" a perfectly fit one. What scant material there is confirms a tale of conquest, rapine, pillage, robbery and murder, as the Germanic tribes seized the land and apportioned it to suit themselves, and then fell to fighting for supremacy.

Sure, water remained an important aspect of the landscape. This was Britain/England, after all. But while it's quite likely - the usual practice, in fact - for abbeys and churches to be sited on places considered sacred or at least magical, a perfectly pragmatic reason for building them by the water was the relative ease of transporting large stones by raft or barge.

Centuries later, the fog lifts enough to see the shape of the new England, and it has little in common with the Britain the Romans left. Those enormous changes were real and they were achieved because one people conquered another and imposed their rule and culture by force of arms. It's not quite as simple as that, but to a good first approximation, that's accurate enough.

Автор — puffin51


I've watched This guy...he pushes his own bias views and hoping he's right through research even if it proves him wrong he's convinced he's right.

Автор — universal butterfly


Verica was a collaborator, The Dubonni were collaborators, The Trinovanti, The Iceni, the Devoni, the Dumnoni, the Silures, The Briganti and others held out till they were squashed. Any attempt to paint the roman invasion as a peaceful sharing of cultures is utter nonsense

Автор — cunobelinusX31


Nothing new about how the Romans operated in what they called
Briton. They did that everywhere, look at the local gods and incorporate them into their religion, get some local king and make him Roman and a puppet.

Автор — Mauricio Eduardo Santana


He used to say the same thing on TIME TEAM. "I believe that..." that's an idealism and not scientific at all.

Автор — Mauricio Eduardo Santana


I see that the past was hidden... most likely by the Catholics....I think those where Orthodox Christian artifacts... also the Orthodox tradaded with the ancient Brits... Definitely somthing going on there with the east vs west believes and they where involved somehow

Автор — Nick Carpenter


on second thought, let us not go to Camelot. It is a silly place

Автор — 」「


Wish I could go on an archaeological journey...

Автор — Joseph F


England IS Atlantis, ruled by Zulu-Romans..and Im going to make a fashy video with ominous music and lots of CGI to prove it!

Автор — Mike McCormack