Texas Police Helicopter Video Captures Shootout on Highway

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Texas Police Helicopter Video Captures Shootout on Highway 5

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The Texas Department of Public Safety released a video of a chase that ended in a deadly shootout between a suspect and a DPS trooper in east Bexar County. The video shows the moments after authorities said 33-year-old Ernest Manuel Montelongo took off after giving troopers a fake name during a Feb. 18 traffic stop. The trooper briefly lost sight of the fleeing suspect, but a DPS helicopter assisted with finding him. The suspect crossed a highway and went the wrong way on I-10. The suspect was stopped by two troopers. Gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and a DPS trooper. The suspect and a trooper were taken to local area hospitals. The suspect died the next day in the hospital. The wounded trooper was taken to University Hospital in the DPS helicopter and survived the shootout.

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Anything starting with Florida man or Texas police is wild

Author — MarkedEagle


The car falling apart had nothing to do with the driver, it’s a Chrysler it was gonna fall apart either way

Author — Amanda C


What a brave brave man, this is what people need to see right now. A officer getting shot for the safety for others🇺🇸thank you for your service

Author — Kyle Lee


So much respect and appreciation for the people who risk their lives to protect a society that demonizes them.

Author — therealJayRoe


"Take defensive position, guys"

Police: "Rush B CYkA bLyt"

Author — Human Personson


Thank you for saving Taxpayers 50 years of warehousing him.

And people want to de-fund the police. Hahaaaa

Author — Caleb Mandrake


I love how the helicopter took the cop to the hospital but just left the criminal on the ground. Must be funny being the criminal like “oh shit a helicopter is coming I’m gonna be ok!” Then the helicopter leaves without him LOL

Author — Michael Lee


"he's getting a gun under the floor board, take defensive positions, get rea-"


Author — chinchilla505


The cop who got shot gave up his defensive position and advantage right at the jump. That’s a training video right there

Author — Capitalhill27


Wow, must have hit an artery, that was a shit ton of blood. That tourniquet and evac saved his life.

Author — Sheepdog Sherlock


Being a police officer in the states is very dangerous

Author — Hendrie Kelder


The way he was jumping while shooting.. definetly a cod player xD

Author — Felix Steeb


I would have been so upset if they hadn’t rushed the officer like they did. So glad he survived. Tough job; keeping us safe.

Author — Nethmal Perera


That’s why police men and women are heroes!

Author — Nightstalker.


That cop who was shot started putting on his own damn torniquete what a man edit: ok people this comment is a year old I don’t care if you are would have acted way better during the adrenaline rush of a life time and having a hole in you I get it your a big burly badass that stays up till 3am playing Warcraft

Author — Yolo Ma Brolo


I’m glad he only got shot in his arm instead of his heart

Author — J Crain


I’m glad the officer was ok. He looked like he was losing a lot of blood before the belt/tourniquet was put on.

Author — Patshhi4


why did the officer go to an open area where there is no cover, cant see what the man was doing and the chopper radioing to be careful ?

Author — Sam Aromin


Dude jumping around trying to avoid getting shot like it’s Fortnite😂😂

Author — EdgarTV


The suspect died the next day in the hospital'. That's great news! THIS IS THE VERY GOOD NEWS IN ALL THIS STORY.

Author — abc 123