ENGLISH | My R Cover わたしのアール【hikarustation】

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ENGLISH | My R Cover わたしのアール【hikarustation】 5
She looked away from me and then she disappeared.


This used to be a song I listened to vent, but somehow it found a life of its own inside of me. Thank you for listening and being patient with me as I found my own way of healing.

Huge thank you to Aruvn who mixed this cover and Rachie for making such powerful lyrics. They really, really resonated with me.

A n i m a t i o n + A r t

M i x i n g

E n g l i s h L y r i c s

V o c a l s + S u b s
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My R.
My Reason.
My Reflection.
My Resolve.
My Result.

Author — Jackson C. Gaming


Every girl she tried to stop was HERSELF IN THE PAST. The first one was herself in high school grade 1, who got abandoned by her crush. The second girl is also herself but in grade 2 who was bullied by school mates everyday. The last one was herself few days ago from that moment of sucide, when she gave up and went back home. She had no place at home too as parents were abusing her.

She knew the future for the first two girls, she knew what can get worst. That is why she said, "What!? This isn't an enough reason for you to jump off compared to the worst situation right now. So you can't die faster than me, you have no right to do so. You shouldn't, so please don't..." But for the last girl she says, "No I can't stop this girl today, I have no right to do so." There are no more excuses to quit herself from commit sucide. She didn't know what can get worst than this, so she jumped off to set herself free. And in the original mv, no one stopped her. So the last two lines of the lyrics is "There is no one to stop me today. No one is stopping for me." This means she actually wanted someone to stop her before the moment she jumped off.

By the way I am japanese living in oversea and this song is originally from japan!!

Author — momoka


Ok not to make fun of suicide. It’s a very serious issue and always wish there was someone there for the person about to do GOT DAMN THIS SCHOOL NEEDS SOMEONE GUARDING THAT ROOFTOP!

Author — UltimateQmazing


When the girl said "I'm hungry" My stomach literally rumbled

Author — Bagelベーグル


I always get sad when I see a flower on the girl’s desk, because in Japan, putting a flower on someone’s desk means that they’ve died. But if you put one on a living person’s desk, that means that you want them to be dead.

Author — Sophie Sun


Voice: Cheerful
Song: Depressing

*Edit: Holy heck so many likes*

Author — Katie


Each of the girls are different reasons to live

then they disappear.

Author — Sailor Ginger


kanji on her desk is 死ね which means “Die”
the flowers also mean that her classmates pretty much want her dead

Author — big yikes


Every animatic: they don’t jump
This one: ho ho the floor looks good today!

Author — Robo- Jesus


First girl: had braids
Second girl:was petite
Third girl: had a yellow cardigan
Protagonist:has all three traits
She was fighting if she wanted to jump or not

Author — Gacha galaxy fairy XOXO


Dude, can someone put this on Spotify?

Author — Panda Life


Watch very closely at the end. Someone grabs her arm right as she jumped.

Author — Surreal Roses


Bruh, the first one made me cried. Like, look at her happy face when she jumped off the roof.

Author — This is Argus


Since everyone is pointing out she “died” at the end of the animation someone caught her.

So she either could have stopped and saved herself

Or someone else saved her

Have hope 🕊💖

Author — Lushy Pom


perhaps nobody is really going to see this, but here's my idea of what's going on:

so there's this girl who is the main protagonist of the song, singing it. she recently lost a lover and that's where her first reason to kill herself came from, she thought nobody loved her. she ends up blocking out the reason with an excuse she came up with to live.
after that, she starts seeing her flaws and describes herself as short, etc. then, she starts saying how everyone ignores her, which supports the idea of the first girl who thinks she isn't loved and she thinks people don't care about her. the main protagonist then "steals" the reason to kill herself and replaces it with a reason to live, such as her family loving her at home.
also, the second girl has hints about not eating, so possibly she began starving herself.
now, she finds new answers and tries to live the most she can. she looks for new reasons to live, every single day but at the end she doesn't want to be alive so she gets rid of them and neglects those reasons over time.
she didn't have anybody to listen to her, which also hurt her in the process because nobody gave *her* a reason to live, instead of her hurriedly coming up with new reasons for herself to live.
the girl ends up cutting and getting into bad habits to find new things to let out this pain.
the yellow cardigan girl is her true self talking to her, but in my opinion it could also even be an imaginary friend she made up to give her a reason instead of always supplying herself. all of the "scars" that grow every time she goes home represents the bad habits, the suicidal thoughts, etc. she came up there to kill herself, which is why she came up there, to die, because the "imaginary friend" knows she's going to be cancelled out and neglected as a reason to die. the reason i'm saying, "to give the girl a reason not to die" though, is because every time she found a reason to kill herself, she gained a reason to live from it.
the reasons she has to live keep preventing her to live.
but the cardigan girl gave her too much of a valid reason to kill herself that coming up with reasons to live became exhausting and she couldn't do it anymore.
at the end, they were all imaginary friends trying to stop her from dying and she realizes that they were nothing but herself trying to live.
thus, she kills herself in the end

Author — ravilonely


Just as I was about to take my shoes
off, on the rooftop there I see
A girl with braided hair here before
me, despite myself, I go and scream
“Hey, don’t do it please!”

Whoa, wait a minute what did I just say?
I couldn’t care less either way
To be honest, I was somewhat pissed
This was an opportunity missed

The girl with braided
hair told me her woes
You’ve probably heard it all before
“I really thought that
he might be the one
But then he told me he was done”

For god’s sake please! Are you
serious? I just can’t believe
That for some stupid reason
you got here before me
Are you upset cause you
can’t have what you wanted?

You’re lucky that you’ve never
gotten robbed of anything!
“I’m feeling better
thank you for listening”
The girl with braided
hair then disappeared

“Alright, today’s the
day!” or so I thought
Just as I took both of my shoes off
There was but a girl short as can be
Despite myself, I go and scream

The petite girl told me her woes
You’ve probably heard it all before
“Everyone ignores me, everyone steals
I don’t fit in with anyone here”

For god’s sake please! Are you
serious? I just can’t believe
That for some stupid reason
you got here before me
Cause even so, you’re still
loved everyone at home
There’s always dinner waiting
on the table, you know!

“I’m hungry” said the
girl as she shed a tear
The girl short as can
be then disappeared

And like that, there
was someone everyday
I listened to their tale
I made them turn away

And yet there was no one who
would do this for me, no way I could
let out all this pain

For the very first time, there I see
Someone with the same pains as me
Having done this time and time again
She wore a yellow cardigan

“I just wanna stop the scars that grow
“Ev-e-ry-time that I go home
“That’s why I came up here instead”
That’s what the girl
in the cardigan said
Whoa, wait a minute what did I just say?
I couldn’t care less either way
But in the moment I just screamed
Something that I could not believe
“Hey, don’t do it please!”

Aa what to do?
I can’t stop this girl, oh this is new
For once I think I’ve bitten
off more than I can chew

But even so please just
go away so I can’t see
Your pitiful expression
is just too much for me!
“I guess today is just not
my day” she looked away from
me and then she disappeared

There’s no one here
today, I guess it’s time
It’s just me myself and I
There’s no one who can interfere
No one to get in my way here

Taking off my yellow cardigan
Watching my braids all come undone
This petite girl, short as can be
Is gonna jump now and be free

Author — Layy


"And yet there was no one who
Would do this for me, no way I could
Let out all this pain" THIS HIT ME

Author — rosepetalsx


yellow cardigan, braids, short, petite... she was trying to stop herself :(

Author — Nanamii Ellamith


On the petite girl’s desk is a white flower, which means someone has died, but if the student is alive, it means you hope they die. Then I saw what was written on the desk 死ね, or shi-ne, which basically means die. My R.
My Reason

Author — Peach_Neko


1:04 - 1:07
She jumped off so :c

Author — Kaitlyn's Crazy World